Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 includes South Africa

The Rocket League Championship Series for 2021-22 has been announced and, the best part, Southern Africa has been included (sort of). The prize pool is sitting at $6 million, with the new format adding in additional regions and a chance for Southern African teams to qualify.

New Regions

Rocket League Championship Series

For the new season RLCS will include Asia-Pacific North, Asia-Pacific South and Middle East & North Africa. This opens the competition up to a host of new countries. The big news though, is that RLCS ALSO announced that they’ll be offering support to Sub-Saharan Africa as well.

A few months ago I wrote a piece about South African Rocket League for Red Bull, which you can read by clicking here. One of the common feedbacks from local players was the need to be supported both locally but also internationally by the larger community. It seems like the RLCS heard this because they’re offering up 3 Splits of Regional Events. The region won’t be a full participant in the RLCS season BUT the two best performing teams in Sub-Saharan African tournaments during the season will be guaranteed two slots at the Rocket League World Championship Wildcard.

What’s the Wildcard?

Rocket League Championship Series

The World Championship will have the Main Event and then a Wildcard event. 8 teams will auto-qualify to the main event, with 16 teams qualifying for the Wildcard.  The top 8 teams in the Wildcard will qualify for the World Championship Main Event. Got it? Great.

This is great for competitive Rocket League players locally who have been itching for more competitions. I also think with this announcement we’ll likely see a host of local tournament organisers picking up the title in their offerings as we move into the new year.

If you want to compete and get involved, then join the official discord for the Sub-Saharan African region here

Here’s all the details on the RLCS:


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