ghd #takecontrolnow

The ghd annual pink campaign for breast cancer charities has launched


For 17 years ghd, the only brand I trust for hair styling tools, has pushed out a limited edition pink collection with a percentage of the sales going to various breast cancer charities around the world. They’re raised more than $20 million for these charities. The #TAKECONTROLNOW campaign is back for 2021 and once again the company is encouraging women around the world to regularly self-check for signs of breast cancer.

ghd #takecontrolnow

Over and above the pink stylers you can purchase, each year ghd pushes for awareness around self checking and sharing stories of breast cancer survivors. This year, the team found four women who never self check and introduced them to survivors who shared their stories and ultimately gave them insight into the importance of monthly breast self-checks to ensure you catch breast cancer early. They then put together an easy to follow video to help women self check, I’d really suggest watching this:

More than 2.2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer globally each year. However, two thirds of women aged between 18 and 24 don’t check their breasts for signs of cancer. I really commend ghd for pushing this message every year and sharing stories of survivors as well as advice on self checking your breasts!

With the campaign, ghd also sent out gorgeous media boxes. There is a jar of mints in the pack and I really love this. The jar has 30 mints, 29 white and 1 pink. The idea is that you have a mint a day and when you get the pink mint you self check.

ghd #takecontrolnow

This is actually something you could do for yourself and I’d really suggest it. What a great way to remind your self to self check! If you’re looking for more information the #TAKECONTROLNOW campaign, visit the new ghd website


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