I’ve started a new little thing that I’m pretty excited about and realised I hadn’t shared here on the blog so… that is what I’m doing now.

I actually started my working career in radio – taking a job as a subeditor at YFM after spending all my university years on UJFM. Radio was the first passion but life took me in a different direction. For the last few years I’ve worked on and off with Justin Toerien, doing a gaming segment on some of his shows. Justin recently became co-host of the Afternoon Drive on a new radio station that has launched in Johannesburg called StarFM.

About StarFM


StarFM can be found on the 91.9FM frequency in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. It went live on 1 July and is a youth-driven community station. They have such an awesome line up of hosts including Greg and Lucky on the morning show and also play some great music. I also dig that the content is far more relevant than what you’re usually getting on more commercial set ups. There are real conversations happening and when I was asked to do a segment I was encouraged to be real, give insight and not just play the brand safe line.

The North STAR Drive


The afternoon Drive is hosted by Justin and Sibs

Justin has been in radio for more than 10 years and has this really fun and energetic energy that I love working with. He’s also one of the nicest and most down to earth people you’ll meet. So it is easy to connect with him when you hear him on radio. Sibaphiwe “Sibs” Matiyela is an accomplished news reader as well as a sassy and smart personality that questions, queries and makes you laugh all at the same time. They’re so much fun to work with, so much fun to listen to and really a great duo to take you home.

Tek Tok

How to turn a video into a GIF on an iPhone

Every Thursday between 4 and 5pm, Justin and Sibs have invited me to jump on air with them for a segment Sibs has named Tek Tok. It’s a tech and gaming focused feature where I let them in on all the news for the week and we chat honestly about new games, new gadgets or interesting bits of information that impact you directly. I love that we’re allowed to speak candidly: just recently I was allowed to moan about Epic Games taking “inspiration” from Among Us and say it like it is: the new Samsung flip phones are way too expensive, in my opinion. It’s such a fun segment and I love looking for interesting topics each week.

I’d love it if you could tune in and give us a listen. You can also send through questions and I’ll answer them on air. I’m stoked to be part of such a rad station and getting to work with two incredibly talented radio DJs. Obviously getting to talk about gaming and tech is awesome as well. Do let me know if you’ve listened and what you think! I’ll be on the radio every Thursday. 

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