KFC Beat the Feud

Love trivia games? Here’s one you can play on your phone

KFC's Beat the Feud is waiting for you to play


I love Trivia shows. Those classic game shows that you spent hours watching with your family and arguing about the correct answers. Family Feud, a television show on eTV hosted by Steve Harvey. Basically, if you haven’t seen it, the game show has two families competing against one another to name the most popular responses to survey questions to win cash and prizes. It is such a popular show in South Africa with more than 2 million people watching it each week. The thing about game shows like this, if you’re anything like me, is that you just end up shouting your answers at the television. If you’re the same, I have a solution for you!

Beat the Feud

KFC Beat the Feud

KFC South Africa has decided to release a mobile game to allow you to take your love for trivia and Family Feud to the next level, by participating yourself! I tried to play with Player 2 but we could not agree on anything. Beat the Feud is on the KFC App (which I already have on my phone because ZINGER WINGS!). While Family Feud is on, between 6 and 7pm on Sunday evenings, you can log in to the app and click the play button on the bottom of the home page. Then you’ll be able to answer questions which are similar to the ones being asked during the show. You can play along and compete with everyone else playing on the app. Each week there is a leader board for weekly winners and an overall Grand Prize leader board.

KFC Beat the Feud

For me, playing along is fun. I’m obviously a gaming addict so trying to top the leaderboards is rad and it makes me feel a bit more involved in the show. But even without the show, you’re able to play and it feeds the trivia game addiction. There’s also a chance to win. Weekly leaders can win R2000 in cash every week and there is a R10 000 grand prize for the overall winner at the end of the season.

The app is available on Android and iOS 

I also created a little reel of me playing the first time if you want an easy walk through on how to get jamming!


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