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Order Flowers from these local South African businesses online

And you'll never have to use Net Florist again

I really don’t like Net Florist. I call them Net F**kist. Net Florist always seemed like the only option available if you wanted to order flowers online to have them delivered. But in the last 4 years – which is as long as I’ve had flowers delivered to me (I’d never had someone buy me flowers until I started dating Player 2, they’ve almost never delivered my flowers on time). When I’ve sent flowers to friends, the exorbitant price tag and image of the blooms is not what has been delivered. I’ve been disappointed.

This isn’t a bash Net Florist post though. Rather, I wanted to try suggest other options to get flowers delivered in South Africa. Luckily for me, all the work was done already. I follow the incredible Shante Hutton on Instagram. She’s taken a few photographs of me too. Shante is an incredible content creator and tons of fun to follow. You’ll laugh out loud on the daily. She’s also collected some of the best small businesses to order flowers from online. I’ve put together her suggestions below for you to check out. Before you do that, though, be sure to go follow Shante on Instagram:

Here is Shante’s list of great South African businesses that specialise in flower delivery!



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Julep delivers the most gorgeous boxes of fresh cut flowers in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Your box arrives and you arrange the blooms yourself. Every single part of the journey is glorious, from the musically inspired names of their boxes, so the fun of arranging everything. They’re awesome. I’ve actually written about them before:

The best online flower delivery service I’ve found

Petal & Post

Petal & Post is a name I’ve heard A LOT as many of my friends have used them in the past. They deliver in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. They offer gorgeous bunches of Posies as well as gift sets if you’d prefer. You can check out their website here.

Planted With Love

Planted With Love delivers flowers in Cape Town – which you order via Instagram. For R270 you can have a weekly Friday Posy delivery made, but you can also order indoor plants, locally made baskets and potted botanicals if you prefer. Delivery is also free.

Rosa Bespoke Flowers

Rosa Bespoke should be on speed dial in your significant other’s phone book. They have the most beautiful bouquets of Roses and Sunflower options available for delivery in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. The 100 stem Roses bouquet is the stuff of romantic dreams!

Fresh Flowers on Florida

Fresh Flowers on Florida is a wholesale flower market in Durban that you can visit, but they also do online orders and deliveries. They have an incredible collection of flowers to choose from and a few special gifts and treats that you can add to your deliveries as well.

Aspen Flowers & Co

Aspen is a florist in Cape Town that also does deliveries and even weekly flower deliveries. They have gorgeous weekly featured arrangements on their website as well. I love their arrangements, the mesh of colours is gorgeous.

Enhle Flora

Enhle is a luxury florist making deliveries in and around Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rustenburg. You’re able to arrange same day delivery via the Instagram page. I love the packaging for Enhle, there’s just something gorgeous about how your flowers are delivered and the pops of colour in the arrangements are gorgeous.

Fields of Colour

Fields of Colour is another name that pops up regularly on my social media feeds. They’re a Johannesburg based florist and do deliveries as well. I’ve only heard good things about them and their arrangements look divine!

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