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I put Basil on my socks!

How many times have you been shown a random Instagram ad from a company you’ve never heard of and decided to click through?

I recently decided to do just that. I kept being served adverts by an online store that claimed to make custom socks with your pet’s face on them. Have you seen my dog, Basil? He 100% needed to be on my socks – so I finally clicked through.

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My biggest concern with online sites is that there are a huge amount of scams out there, websites that present themselves as online stores but are really just waiting for you to input your credit card details to claim your cash and never deliver the goods you think you’re buying. I usually try find a contact telephone number or some sort of indication online that the business exists. I soon found that the site I’d been served an advert for was linked to a few other websites and seemed to have a physical office space in Johannesburg. But it was all very “not so sure”, but the socks cost less than R200 so I took the risk.

Setting up your socks

pet on your socks

The site in question is called PawHub. It is a simple website set up so it is relatively easy to customise your socks. You choose the base design of the socks you want and then are taken to the customisation section where you can pick colours, sizes and how you want the socks to look. You then load up a picture of your pet. I grabbed one off my phone so I’m not even sure if it was really a super high res one and went with that. You can also add notes to the designer if you want.


pet on your socks

I paid online and the website has a few offerings you can use, all of which secure. I received a mail confirming my order and payment. I never heard anything again so was a bit worried about whether the picture worked and if it was high res enough, but it seems all was well because the socks arrived 5 days later.

The product

pet on your socks

They’re not the warmest socks, but I didn’t get them for that. You’re looking at a 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex blend. They’re cute, they have Basil on them and I was actually really impressed with the print of his face. Again, if you’re looking for great winter socks these likely aren’t your jam, but as a cute gift? They’re amazing.

I can highly recommend PawHub and I just love the product. It is affordable, cute and special for the animal lover in your life. Definitely go check them out.

Disclosure: I used my own money to make these purchases and PawHub was not aware I was going to review their offering.


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