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Another phone grip for the accessory junkies

Introducing Clckr

I do love me a phone grip. From popsockets to phone rings, I’ve tried them all. Mainly because my phone spends way too much time in my hand and, when I’m on the go, I have a tendency to completely over pack my arms and hands… so my phone has slipped a few times. Phone grips make all the difference and so I’ve always got an eye on new ones. I was recently sent a clckr stand and grip so thought I’d share a bit more about it if you’re also a bit of a smartphone accessory junkie like me.

What is clckr?

phone grip and stand

It’s in the name really. It’s a stand and grip for your smartphone. It sticks on to the back of the phone and then you can pull on the material bit which lifts off the plastic section (which sticks to your phone). You’re then able to use the strap as either a grip, to keep your phone secure, or you can use it as a stand. The grip itself “clicks” into various positions, either securely stored or clicked in for a portrait or landscape stand.

What you need to know

phone grip and stand

clckr grips are wireless charging compatible which is a big relief (I can’t stand taking off phone cases to charge my phone) and come in a variety of colours. I have a coral one which is really pretty. So you can mix and match them to suit your phone. One of the things I really liked about the clckr was that it comes with an additional adhesive backing. Let me explain:

phone grip and stand

If you have a phone cover you can stick the clckr straight on, as is. However, if your phone has a glass backing and you don’t want to ruin the backing (because usually when you pull these adhesives off you get that awful residue left behind) you can use one of the extra adhesives that come with the clckr – especially designed for glass backing and ultimately able to then ensure you don’t damage your phone. Application is really easy.

Some thoughts

phone grip and stand

I do find the clckr a bit bulky on the back of my phone if you include a case with it. It is light weight though, however you’ll need to get used to the somewhat thick protrusion. The fact that it is wireless charging compatible is a big plus. I also like that you can “click” it back into place. The ability to use it as a stand is great for timed photos as well!

You can get a clckr that sticks on to your phone OR you can actually buy a clckr case, which has the clckr built in, if you prefer. The stand and grip costs around R250 while the case retails for about R500 (though they mainly have stock for the latest iphones). You can grab a clckr at takealot.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page as I’ll be doing a giveaway for 2 clckrs! So if you want to try win you’ll need to be on the platform.

Disclosure:I was sent a clckr stand & grip to review and keep. 

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