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Meet my Knockout City Brawler


By now you’ve probably seen a lot of your favourite gaming content creators in South Africa posting about Knockout City. It’s not a new game. Electronic Arts released it in May 2021 and it is a team based multiplayer game. I’ve been trying to explain exactly what Knockout City is in my head. On the surface you’d argue it is dodgeball but it is SO much more than that so it becomes hard to really summarise it that easily, in my opinion. Yes, you run and pick up a ball to throw at competitors, you can catch up ball thrown at you as well…. but you also have a little glider to fly around, can roll and be picked up by friends who can then throw you… different balls have different abilities, like one makes you move as if you’re on the moon while another is a full on detonating bomb… so yeah, it is a lot.

What you need to know

knockout city crew

I’ve explained the basic game mechanics of Knockout City but there are a few more levels to is. You have a host of different game modes including Team KO (deathmatch basically), Ball-Up where you need to toss teammates to eliminate the baddies and also Diamond Dash where you need to run around and collect diamonds dropped by defeated enemies. There are a host of maps that also add to the fun with different features that change up the game. In Knockout City you’re also able to customise your brawler and then collect HoloBucks (or buy them if you want) to add rad outfits and the like. After I’ve shown you my customised brawler I’ll give you a bit more information.

My customised Brawler

You’re able to customise three different brawlers that you can use in games. This was my first Brawler, who I’m learning the ropes with. I wanted to show you how rad the various options are for customisation because you KNOW I love me some fun design elements and skins:

knockout city brawler

You can head to the customise options in the main menu.

knockout city brawler

I’ve not levelled up or unlocked anything yet but I still had a stack of options available to me. I especially love the art design in this game. It’s bright, funky and the character faces, hair and the like aren’t the usual stereotypical bone structure type looks we are used to in many games.

knockout city brawler

Meet my Knockout City Brawler! I think she looks pretty bad ass!

More about the game

knockout city

Knockout City is WAY more fun with friends. That’s my first top tip. This game relies on teamwork more than aiming power. The crew at Vamers put together a really helpful piece covering 7 Great Reasons to play Knockout City and I think it is a good first stop if you’re looking to get into the game.

Glitched also did some really fun short format videos to help new players get into the swing of things:

The game costs around R400 OR if you’re subscribed to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you can download and start playing immediately. Glitched was giving away Playstation copies of the game but that competition is closed. HOWEVER, if you’re an Xbox player, Vamers is running a competition for game codes here.

Be sure to watch my social media and YouTube channel because I’ve got two PC codes to give away soon so you can join my crew. See you in Knockout City! 



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