South African artists

South African artists to follow on Instagram

Buying their art would be a good idea too!

I’ve spent the last few weeks changing up the accounts I follow on Instagram. I wanted more art and awesome stuff versus watching famous people in private jets. Before I changed up though there were already three accounts I was low key obsessed about. South African artists do INCREDIBLE work and the three accounts I’m going to share with you are accounts that I check up on every day. I love the work they do. More importantly, I’ve spent actual cash with them, because their work was the kind I love to have in my house.

Today I’m sharing 3 South African artists you can follow on Instagram, trust me, you don’t be disappointed.

The League of Horse Thieves

south african artists on instagram

Shane Forbes is the bassist for a South African band called Pestroy. One of my favourite local bands and the soundtrack for my university years. Interestingly enough, Shane also got me my first voice over job when I was 18 years old. He started the League of Horse Thieves account to share incredible art he had been making. From the moment I saw his Damsels Collection, I was obsessed. I have a Damsel as a screen saver on my phone. I also purchased one of his prints to frame and hang in my office. I’m not sure why but the art just spoke to me and I’d have covered my house in it.

You can find the League of Horse Thieves Instagram account here


south african artists on instagram

Last year December I decided that all the presents I purchased during the festive season would be locally produced. I wanted to support smaller South African businesses. A friend shared the Wakoyo shop with me and specifically their upside down ceramic animals. I now have two of my own at home because I fell in love – my goal is to add a pink Hippo soon. However, the Wakoyo offering is so much more than the upside down animals. The African contemporary store has a host of gorgeous handcrafted pieces inspired by art from all over Africa. Their Instagram account is a treasure trove of gorgeous items and inspired stying.

You can find the Wakoyo Instagram feed here

Roxy Rose

south african artists on instagram

You’ve likely seen my two forearm tattoos if you’ve followed me for awhile. Both of those pieces were original and designed by talented artist Roxy Rose. However, Roxy does a lot more than just tattoos. She does beautiful prints, ceramics and the like. A few years ago I commissioned an original print from her of Digit, our small dog who passed away. It is now framed and lives on my mom’s mantel. Roxy has now focused a bit more on her online store which offers some of her original prints, ceramics and even T-shirts!  Her account showcases her tattoo work but also the various items on her store now. It’s definitely worth a follow because her style is so cute. You’ll love her constantly new and exciting work.

You can find Roxy Rose’s account here

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