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I’ve always been an online shopping girl. I don’t enjoy the bustle of malls or being tempted by goodies I wasn’t planning to even look at. So, in the last few years, online shopping has been my safe haven: I can browse for good deals or simply go buy exactly what I need. Obviously, with COVID, online shopping has also become the shopping experience that ensures peace of mind, because you don’t need to come into contact with anyone else. 

The concern, with online shopping, is being duped. I’ve seen this so much with tech items. Sites are set up offering fantastic budget friendly deals, money is paid over and… *crickets*. My advice to my friends (and advice I follow as well) is to always make sure you know the store or brand and do as much research as possible before buying. Alternatively stick to stores you know. Which is why Ackermans new online offering, Ackermans Connect is such a great addition to our favourite tech shopping spots. Ackermans has more than 800 physical stores across South Africa – so you know this retailer and know you’re safe to shop via their online store. 

ackermans connect tech store

Ackermans isn’t new to selling tech. Their physical stores have offered mobile phones and gadgets for years. With Ackermans Connect they’ve extended their tech range. You have the option of buying mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even giant Bluetooth Party Speakers that you can wheel around. The selection online is really impressive. Mobile phone wise you’ve got some well known brand options like Samsung, Nokia and HiSense. The online store also has the Premio range available – which is Ackermans own in house mobile phone brand. I love that a Premio phone won’t cost you more than R1500. You can buy one of the higher end Premio smartphones OR a Premio feature phone if you’d prefer.

The range on Ackermans Connect is comprehensive and affordable without being overwhelming. The site is mobile friendly and offers a secure payment portal. It’s definitely a spot to add to your online shopping plan if you’re looking for new gadgets, mobile phones and tech. Take a look at shop.ackermans.co.za 

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