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What I’m currently playing on my Nintendo Switch

With Winter in full effect in the Southern Hemisphere I’ve focused my time under a blanket on the couch… with my Nintendo Switch. The little handheld console is perfect for this time of year, especially because in South Africa we also suffer from something called load shedding – which is when our power gets turned off for 2 and a half hours at a time. I’ve found a warm solace in my Switch and two new games that are relatively chilled to play. Here’s what they are and what you can expect:

New games to play on your Nintendo Switch


Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch is similar the older game that came out ages ago – but to be fair I wasn’t 100% familiar with the original so this was a new experience for me. Basically you ride in a little machine called the NEO-ONE as you explore the Lental region. As you ride along you take photos of Pokemon in their natural environments at day and night. They sometimes behave in a certain way, or are hidden. Its the weirdest premise for a game I’ve experienced and, to be honest, I was super apprehensive going in. However, 3 hours later and I was still happy travelling and snapping. I really enjoyed the calmness that game with exploring, snapping pictures and just chilling out. It’s a really slow and grind-y game but worth the hours you’ll bury in it. Each photo you take is rated and you try take good photos to level up and open more interactions with the wild Pokemon. The Pokemon will lift your spirits and, generally, you’ll just feel really good playing. You can also save, edit and share your favourite pictures online with your friends or see other photos that have been snapped. I’ll be honest, I haven’t even explored the editing yet as I’ve been rather content trawling around the region seeing new Pokemon and trying to get those good shots!

nintendo switch pokemon

DC Super Hero Girls : Teen Power

Do I even need to explain why I’m playing this game? It’s all in the title. For starters, you get to play as a DC hero or villain but also, it is based off the animated series of the same name, so you get the adorable cartoon graphics that just make this tons of fun. Each character you can play with has a unique set of abilities that allows you to take down some of the bad dudes running around Metropolis. I love how you can explore the city, rescue cute cats and also change up your outfits all while jumping into battles to help you feel like a bad ass. I love this game. It is distinctly girly and trivial in places with cute side quests and then tosses in some fun battles. I cannot tell you how much I loved this game and desperately NEEDED it during a rather tough personal time. You can play as Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Cat Woman or Star Sapphire. It really offers up so much charm and is absolutely divine. You’ll love it!

DC Super Hero Girls game play

You can buy these games on the Nintendo eShop or via the Nintendo South Africa Store. I was also very lucky and for my birthday got a fancy new wireless controller for my Switch (I’ve wanted one FOREVER) so I’m hoping I can pop on a few streams and share the fun with you! 



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