friends the reunion

Where to watch the Friends reunion in South Africa

After more than 17 years apart, the cast of Friends reunited for a two hour reunion show this week. Friends is still one of the most watched and loved TV series in the world. When it was on the air it was one of the highest-rated shows ever and, even now, when it appears on streaming services, it still tops the most watched lists. Millions of people around the world still tune in to watch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross navigate life in New York. The show had 10 seasons and is ultimately a show we all grew up watching, loving and relating too.

The Reunion

friends the reunion

I was extremely lucky to get an early viewing of Friends: The Reunion and I can promise you, it is absolutely glorious. For two hours you’ll get to watch the cast reminisce about their time on Stage 24 at Warner Bros. Studios, get to see some never before seen behind the scenes footage and really just relive some of your favourite Friends moments. A host of guests pop by including David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon. There was a lot of chatter online with people moaning about James Corden hosting, but I honestly think he is one of the best hosts in the business and really enjoyed how little he involved himself – he was fantastic at moving the conversation forward and letting the cast tell their stories. He is a master at his craft. The entire special will have you getting a lump in your throat often and also giggling nonstop. It is such a special recap of a series that has universally touched so many lives.

Where to watch it

friends special

While Friends: The Reunion is streaming on HBO Max, you’ll be able to watch it on M-Net exclusive to DSTV on Sunday 30 May at 8pm. It will also be available on Showmax from Monday 31 May to watch. Book some time out for this one, it is definitely worth it!

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