Wrath of the druids

Wrath of the Druids – should you buy the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla expansion?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla dropped their first expansion on 13 May. I had early access to the game and started playing it last week. I think in two days I’d clocked around 12 hours and finished the expansion. I hadn’t done all the side quests and focused primarily on the main story but I really enjoyed it. I thought I’d share a bit more about what you can expect from the expansion and then discuss whether you should spend some cash and get it (if you have the base game).

Before we begin, let me be clear: I had not finished an Assassin’s Creed game before Valhalla. I found them long and they weren’t really my “vibe” because I tend to either want to push through a story or just jump on the multiplayer. Valhalla hooked me. I was excited to dive into the expansion.

wrath of the druids

Wrath of the Druids follows our fav, Eivor, as they journey to Ireland to try find the Children of Danu and figure out what they want. There is a lot of Gaelic myths and folklore that then find their way into the expansion. The landscapes are absolutely beautiful with lots of green hills and haunted forests. You head to Ireland to visit your cousin Barid and very soon become the High-King’s errand girl, I do get a bit tired of having to run around fixing politicians problems, but regardless…. you then set off through Ireland and get to enjoy some really rad landmarks like Giant’s Causeway, Tara Hill, Black Pig’s Dyke and ben Bulben.

There’s a bunch of new things you can do in Wrath of the Druids:

  • There’s a new trade routes feature where you need to claim Ring Forts and then trade exotic goods overseas to help improve Dublin’s renown.
  • There’s a new weapon called the Sickle. I didn’t use it. My trusty axe is still bae.
  • There are a host of new abilities and skills you can use. The Irish Hound Summoning was my favourite. Good Doggo!
  • You won’t need to have completed the main story of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (though I had) and you won’t have to be at a certain power level. So you can add on at any time.
  • If you’re into collecting rad cosmetics there are a whole bunch you can add.

The Wrath of the Druids expansion does cost you. You can either purchase it as a stand alone or if you had a Season Pass it will be available. I think it is completely worth it. I was so excited to jump back into my viking home and find new ways to relive the magic of Valhalla. I actually think the story in Wrath of the Druids was far more interesting than the original (Oops!) and I absolutely loved exploring it.

wrath of the druids

The biggest selling point? Ireland in game is pretty as hell. The artwork in Wrath of the Druids is something special. I trawled online for a few examples of great in game captures and if my words haven’t convinced you, I hope this will:

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