bytesized people can identify you based on 3 songs off your playlist

Your taste in music says WAY more about you than you realise

A recent study in Tel Aviv found that strangers could identify a person based on three songs off of their playlists. What would your three songs be? Mine would probably be something from the Backstreet Boys, Third Eye Blind and… watch the video for the only song that matters.

Did you know there are more billionaires on the Forbes Rich List than ever before? Even with Rona? More money = more problems but not for Kanye. His Nike Yeezys went on auction and sold for stupid money. Yes, a pair of sneakers broke all sneaker records by over US$1 million!

Watch the video below for all this and more in this week’s edition of Bytesized.

  • Your music says WAY more about you than you realise
  • A pair of YEEZYs sold for a record-breaking amount (like over $1m amount)
  • Someone had one job & forgot to renew a very important Google country domain
  • If you’ve ever wondered how they weigh koalas, wonder no more

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