fitbit luxe launch

Fitbit launches Luxe – a gorgeous high end wearable

Fitbit has announced their latest wearable, called Luxe, and it is so incredibly pretty that I had to share. This gorgeous wearable is meant to be a bit more fashion-forward than most, incorporating fitness and wellness tracking, it a pretty design that is reported to have a host of fun accessories to go with it (though no word if those will be available in South Africa on release). There is also a collaboration with jewellery brand Gorjana, offering up a gorgeous chain linked strap option.

The look

fitbit luxe launch

Luxe is really attempting that jewellery like look and feel, which is something Fitbit has done before with the accessories for the Fitbit Flex 2:

One wearable for any outfit in and out of the gym

The Luxe is soft, gentle and meant to sit lightly on your wrist. Fitbit utilised metal injection moulding to make the Luxe, which is a high tech take on the usual metal shaping. With the moulding the Luxe has a gorgeous high gloss finish on the stainless steel case while still giving it the feminine warmth you might be looking for. To give the Luxe that jewellery feel, it also has a high polish finish achieved through a metal vaporising technique, so you get a soft gold and platinum finish. There is set to be a host of accessories available at launch which will allow you to customise the Luxe even more so. Design wise, it is completely buttonless and the touchscreen is super thin so it won’t be too obtrusive.


fitbit luxe launch

If you want to get your hands on the Luxe in South Africa you will be able to get it, it will be available when Winter hits at Takealot, Incredible Connection, Makro, Cape Union Mart, Totalsports, Sportsmans Warehouse, Dis-Chem and Superbalist. Cost wise it will set you back R3399 and the purchase includes a six month Fitbit Premium trial. If you want the Gorjana Luxe then you’ll need to fork out R4399. It will be available around the same time. No word on whether we’ll see accessories coming to the country.

What it can do

fitbit luxe launch

The Luxe will have all the usual functionality you expect from a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch with a big focus on stress management tools and wellness options. You’ll have automatic activity and sleep tracking, wellbeing options to track and with all of these tools working together – a holistic approach to identifying the effects of stress or fatigue on your health. While I’ve not had a chance to test out the Fitbit Luxe (because it just launched) the marketing material suggests you can expect up to five days of battery life from the device as well.

I use a Fitbit Versa 2 daily and am a huge fan of the Fitbit brand. A more feminine every day tracker is definitely something I’d love to have (the Versa 2 is great but can sometimes stand out in every day settings). My biggest concern will be if we see the accessories arrive locally too, or if some of the third party accessory brands bring Luxe items in to South Africa. What do you think of the Luxe? 

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