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Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury tips

If you’re reading this post on the day it went live, 10 March then HAPPY MAR10 Day! It seemed fitting to get this up on Mario Day. I’ve spent the last week locked to my Switch playing through Super Mario 3 World and Bowser’s Fury. The game is one download or cartridge for your Switch but ultimately has two different platformers than you can play through.

The first is Super Mario 3D World which is an enhanced remake of the original Wii U title. The second game is completely stand alone and a new offering: Bowser’s Fury. Both are platformers and offer up different experiences. In Super Mario 3D World you can co-op with up to 3 other players and make it a fun group game. Bowser’s Fury allows a two player experience. Both games offer something different and are tons of fun. I’ve finished both so thought I’d share some of my tips to make your play through a little bit more fun.

Don’t be ashamed to take it easy

Tanooki suit

Mario platformers get tough. I get super anxious when playing platformers because I know what I need to do but rush into stuff, lose the rhythm and panic – which leads to dropping off a level. Both Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury are welcoming but they do get rather challenging. There is no shame in taking the easy route out. In Super Mario 3D World if you’re losing the level in regular spots or reach Game Over, the next time you spawn you’ll be given the option to hit a gold brick that gives you a White Tanooki Mario suit power up. Once you’re in the suit you’ll be able to run through enemies, not be hurt by fire drops and destroy rolling pins coming at you. If you fall off the course you’re still out. I used the Tanooki suit A LOT at the end of 3D World, it allowed me to work out how to finish the level so I could go back and try again. When playing Bowser’s Fury you’re paired up with Bowser Junior who is your companion. At the start you can choose for him to help you a little or a lot – so if you feel like you need a bit more support don’t be ashamed to ask for a lot of help!

Bowser’s Fury has a confusing reset function

course complete

Bowser’s Fury is an open world type game with various islands and obstacle courses that you can visit as you wish. You need to collect Cat Shines which help light light houses. Also you need to collect Cat Shines to unlock the GigaBells to defeat Bowser. I was really confused with this in the beginning because I’d collect a Cat Shine and then run off to another island and not understand why my previous light house had got covered in black goo. Each light house needs five cat shines to light it up permanently. Once you’ve collected a shine you need to leave the island, return for a new course to have formed and then a new Cat Shine will be available. If you’re struggling with the island courses there are other ways to collect Cat Shines: from chasing bunnies to completing water race courses. So don’t feel too dismayed if you can’t get past a specific course. Personally, I cannot seem to get controlling the ice skate right and almost always fail – which wasn’t a problem because I simply moved on to other islands and activities.

Use the different characters in Super Mario 3D World

super mario 3D world

If you’re playing alone and not co-oping, every time you enter a level for Super Mario 3D World you’ll have the option to play as either Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach. Each character option in the game comes with their own unique abilities. Mario and Toad are much of a muchness but Luigi can jump higher and Peach can glide – which is awesome for vertical levels. I swopped in and out regularly with different characters depending on what I needed.

Use Bowser to break the blocks


In Bowser’s Fury you’ll see a lot of blocks with Bowser’s face on them. You actually need to use him to break them. Every time he awakens those blocks go read and his face on the blocks glows and pulses. You’ll want to run to the blocks and then get him to attack you, his fire will break the blocks and there is usually items inside (and cat shines). I’d usually wait for Bowser to awaken, position myself near some of these blocks, get them broken and collect items before running to the GigaBell to battle.

The games are tons of fun and I loved both of them. They’re relatively short stand alones but you ultimately get two games in one and will spend hours playing. Nintendo makes brilliant platformers that are inviting but challenging, with iconic characters. Grab this one if you’re looking for something fun. 

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