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4 useful Discord Tips

I’ve spent the last few days, with the help of some trusty admins, giving my Discord Server a face lift. Discord is a chat platform mainly used by gamers and is a great way to connect and share with friends. You can have a profile on the app and then also set up your own server for your friends and community to interact.

tech girl discord screen grab

In updating the server and adding some new voice and text channels, I was reminded of how much I enjoy Discord as an app. I have it on my PC and my mobile phone. It is such a great way to stay in touch and find interesting new people to game with. It also is the primary space for chatting during online esports broadcasts or before a big event (for me any way). I’ve also used it a lot when looking to interview players or learn about a new competitive gaming community I will be working in. With the update I was reminded of some of the rad features on Discord, so thought I’d share four of my favourite tips with you that will help make your discord experience tons of fun:

Discord Integrations

discord integrations

I’m always loathe to download another social app because they drain all your time if you’re not careful. However, I don’t find Discord as time wasting as many others. I also like that it has built-in integrations with a lot of gaming apps, so you can sync up data, enable drops and a host of other rad things. The apps you can sync with are:


  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Battlenet
  • Steam
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Xbox Live


My favourite sync up is Twitch because it allows me to see Twitch subs in my Discord server or notify people when I’m streaming and thus won’t reply. To set these up you’ll need to go to your unique user settings (your profile settings are usually accessible by clicking the wheel next to your username at the bottom left of your Discord view on a PC) and click connections.


discord notifications

discord notifications

discord notifications

There are a lot of screen grabs above and that is because Discord allows you to really adjust so many notifications to suit your needs. If you leave all your personal and various server notifications on the standard settings you’ll very quickly be overwhelmed. So by customising your notifications you can ensure you get what you need fed to you and aren’t faced with a gazillion beeps and pings. So you can adjust notification settings in your personal user settings and then also in servers you’re in. I have push notifications to my phone for my server but then also mute certain servers. I also mute specific channels in a server, which is great. So, for example, I have my bot commands channel in my own server muted.

Reward Server Members

reward server members

This is my new favourite find on discord. For my server specifically, I wanted to find a way to give active members a benefit. We utilise a bot to give ranks to members. I used to hate random people joining the server and then just spamming their go live notifications and stuff. So this way what we’ve done is allow members of a certain level, meaning they’re active in the server, to post to the promo channel. Also if they are a Twitch Subscriber (check out the Discord Integration I mentioned) you also get access to promoting your content in the channel. This is a cool way to reward members with something small and I love that you can specifically reward active members of the server.

Server Folders

server folders

If you end up in a host of servers it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to find what you’re looking for. Discord lets you create folders for servers. So this means you can sort everything well. I’ve got a few important servers outside of folders but otherwise have folders for my other content creator friends, community servers and then esports servers. This makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for. You just need to drag and drop one server on to another and it will create a folder. It is so simple to do on desk top!

I hope these Discord tips helped you out. If you’re looking for a new server to join then click here. We’d love to welcome you to our little space on the internet! 

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