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Inspiring stories from Women in Gaming and Esports

I’m writing this post on 8 March 2021 – International Women’s Day. March is also Women’s History Month. It is a weird time though. I’m feeling the lingering effects of sexism in the esports space even more so recently. I see how it impacts me and my friends. I worry that the some parts of the industry have taken a step back. While I could write essays about this I want to try focus on positive stories for this post. I decided to pick some inspiring stories from Women in Gaming and Esports to celebrate. My hope is that you’ll read them and find your own inspiration in them, or at least learn something. Here are 3 stories that have resonated with me in the past few weeks.

The first is a Twitter thread I started

I started this Twitter thread on 1 March and update it each Monday with more women in the gaming and esports space who have specifically inspired or motivated me. I plan to update it every Monday for the month of March. Here is the thread, so be sure to follow it:

Making waves in international esports

I’ve always been a fan of the content that international esports organisation G2 Esports puts out. They find a way to bridge casual and competitive gaming. They’re also funny and are happy to create natural conversations. Karina Ziminaite is the Head of Content at G2 Esports. She sat down to chat to Lenovo Legion and explain how she got into the space, her role at the big MGO and also how her gender impacted her work. This woman is so damn good at what she does and her insights and advice really are worth the less than 10 minutes you’ll spend watching this video:

A new face that resonates

I had no idea who Stephanie Bendixsen was, if I’m completely honest. I’m not Australian and I don’t really follow their gaming scene. However, I came across an interview with her on Red Bull Gaming and started reading. There was a lot she spoke about that resonated with me. There is a specifically a conversation around how she dressed versus how they told her to dress on camera which I could hard relate to. Her story is fascinating and what she has been able to achieve is really impressive. I think you’ll enjoy the piece. You can read it by clicking here, or clicking the image below.

Red Bull article

These are obviously only a small snippet of inspiring stories of women in the gaming and esports space. If you have a story you’d like to share feel free to drop it in the comments of the post or hit me up on social media.

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