WTF is cryptoart & why did a gif just sell for $600k?

In case any of you were wondering, I still haven’t bought a box of marshmallow Easter eggs. I try and hold out for as long as possible because I will eat the whole box. Easter last year slapped differently because of Covid. We are coming up to the anniversary of lockdown (it’s already been a year!?!) and wow what a year. So much has changed. And it’s important to enjoy the little things in life. Like this weekend I am going away to the bush. I will miss my regular 90 Days Fiance catch up AND Tali’s Baby Diary (Sam got to watch it before us), but the joys of technology mean I can watch it next week.

And now here’s this week’s Bytesized.

  • An update on Oz & Facebook
  • Cryptoart & NFTs explained like you’re five (so you can talk down explain to people who don’t know)
  • A gopher eating

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