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Chani’s Summer Content Search

presented by ASTRO Gaming

ChaniZA is a good friend of mine and someone who has contributed to this blog in the past. She’s also doing something pretty rad so I’m sharing it – because I can.

Last year Chani ran a host of community tournaments for Call of Duty. I even competed in one of her crazy Warzone Bingo competitions (which was tons of fun). She’s partnered with ASTRO gaming, but this time to do something a little different. Rather than just focus on the competitive hardcore gamers on console, she is running a competition for EVERYONE. Whether you main Octane in Apex Legends or prefer recreating him in the Sims, you’ll be able to enter this competition. No title is excluded and no one will need to compete in game.

Rather, Chani has joined forces with ASTRO Gaming for her Summer Content Search.

Chantelle ChaniZA Alexander

The idea is pretty simple. All you need to do is share your absolute favourite, funniest, best or even worst moments from your favourite game while playing (so you can use the video share options on your console. Easy peasy). This way competitive and casual gamers get a chance to shine. I absolutely love this idea because it allows for anyone and everyone to enter.

All you need to do is share your moment to Twitter, tag @Chani_ZA and use the hashtag #ChaniSummerSearch

Be sure to include your headset platform of choice in the tweet. The prizes are 2 pairs of ASTRO Gaming A40s, one for Playstation and one for Xbox. A panel of judges will make the final decision but it would help if you get as many likes as you can on your post, to ensure people take notice! Entries close on 15 March. If you want more information, Chani has done a video that explains everything:


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