My favourite product from Samsung costs less than R1000

That headline was a bit click bait-y and not at all true. My favourite Samsung product is actually the television Player 2 purchased us as a “Christmas gift”, which is a significant upgrade on the original R1000 television I purchased when I first left home. But, it got you here – so it worked right?

Samsung recently released their new flagship phone with a lot of additional accessories and almost every technology focused piece of content will be awash with details about THAT. However, I want to talk about another Samsung product that was released last year which I think is one of the most useful gadgets you can have in your house.

When the new Samsung phone launched I was asked to host and facilitate the South African media launch that was streamed to local technology and lifestyle media in the country. Unexpectedly, the Samsung team gave me a small gift at the end of the show which was completely unnecessary but turned out to be a gadget I’d say is one of my favourites to use right now:

The Samsung UV Steriliser with wireless charging

gadget steriliser

The UV Steriliser was designed for Samsung and, as the name suggests, is a UV Steriliser primarily for your smartphone. The device is relatively simple. It is a sizeable plastic “box” with a lid. Inside the box is a UV-C light. The steriliser plugs in to a power supply via a USB connection (the USB-C cable plugs in to the steriliser box while a USB-A cable plugs into the power supply). There is a button the box, once the steriliser is plugged in, you place your phone in the box, close the lid and hit the button. The light then runs for 10 minutes after which your device is sterilised.

So what does a UV Steriliser do?

Gadget steriliser

Basically, this little box kills 99% of germs and bacteria currently living on your phone. One of the big things we’ve missed during the COVID pandemic is how much “stuff” our phone comes into contact with. We’re washing our hands regularly but are we cleaning our phones? Think about how many times you put it down and pick it up again – are you washing your hands before and after every time? The short answer is probably not. Your phone is a breeding ground for gross stuff. This steriliser isn’t a magical cure but it is a great device to just help ensure anything yucky living on your phone that you can’t see is killed off. I used it and I do like that after the 10 minutes my device wasn’t too hot, which I expected. I also used it for my iPhone without an issue.

But do UV Sterilisers for home use work?

gadget steriliser

Well, the truth is no one is 100% agreed when it comes to the answer of this question. PC Mag has a great well researched piece that gives you insight and I’d suggest reading it. There is no proof that a home UV Steriliser will kill COVID either. It also isn’t a stand alone solution to sanitising your gadgets. For me, right now, it is an additional thing to do to potentially stop myself (and my gadgets) from spreading yucky things. Samsung also has provided testing on this particular UV Steriliser which can be found on the purchase page on the Samsung store.

I use this device if I’ve been out of the house. When I get home I first wipe my phone down with an alcohol wipe and then pop it in the Steriliser. The device itself is very roomy and can fit most smartphones. You’re also able to pop a debit card or keys in there as well if you have a smaller phone. It works with Android phones and iPhones – not just Samsung devices. It also has a wireless charging option built in. If your phone can wirelessly charge it will do so while in the sanitiser for the 10 minutes.

Even if we weren’t in the mist of a pandemic I think I’d like this gadget. The UV Steriliser is a nice to have and gives more peace of mind (which is desperately needed during these crazy times). It’s also one of the few gadgets I’ve been gifted that is already getting regular use so I thought I’d share with you. It currently retails for around R995 on the Samsung store.

Disclosure: As mentioned in the article I was gifted the UV Steriliser by Samsung. 

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