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How to give your Nintendo Switch a unique face lift

My favourite thing to do is customise my tech to give it a unique look and feel. I’m also a giant chicken. So my customisation is limited to band changes, new phone covers or decals that can be removed. Last year I figured out a rather fun way to change up my Nintendo Switch and customise it without changing the console permanently and potentially voiding the warranty.

So what is the trick?

It’s really simple – purchase another pair of Joy-Cons in different colours.

You can then mix and match the Joy-Cons to make a rad colour change. I did that with mine, as you can see in the main image of this blog.

The bonus to changing up Joy-Cons? You also have a back up if drift occurs on one of the Joy-Cons. If you’re not sure what drift is, the Verge summed it up nicely here:

The Nintendo Switch’ Joy-Con drift problem explained 

I have two sets of Joy-Cons. This allows me 4 different customisations. I have the standard red and blue Joy Cons my Switch came with and then a Yellow pair. So I can do Blue and Yellow, Red and Yellow, Blue and Red or just Yellow. Obviously if you want more options you can just add more Joy-Cons to the mix.

One of the problems we have in South Africa, at least, is that there isn’t always a huge selection of accessories for things like the Nintendo Switch. I chatted to the Nintendo South Africa team and confirmed they have the following Joy-Cons available right now. If you want to buy, I’d suggest their official online store as I’ve heard the service is really good.

These are my favourite Joy-Cons and come as a pair. They retail for R1699.

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

There’s also a neon Purple and neon Orange option retailing for R1699.

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

I hadn’t seen this pair until recently but really love the Blue a lot. The pair also retail for R1699.

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

Finally if you want to buy individual Joy-Cons (and another clever way to make your Switch unique for a lower cost) you could go the route of buying individual ones. Right now the Blue and Red Joy-Cons are available individually for around R999 and you can get the right grey Joy-Con for R1 199.

There are also some really cute game specific Joy-Cons as well, on the online store, though I wouldn’t mix and match these because they’re so cute! These two Pokemon sets retail for R1299. There is an option to buy the black Pokemon left Joy-Con, A Zelda left Joy-Con in black or a Mario left Joy-Con as well which is rather fun (they both cost R499).

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

Another option is to find fun analog caps to give your Switch that personal look. I’ve got Pokemon ones but you can grab a few options online as well for around R200.

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

nintendo switch joy-con south africa

If you do pimp out your Switch PLEASE send me a picture on social media. I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration.



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