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Here’s what South Africans Googled in 2020

So 2020 is almost done and what a year it has been. I go on holiday next week and can’t wait to switch off, wear flip flops the entire time, read, day drink, spend time with friends and family and eat good food. It really is the little things.

Top Google Searches 2020 South Africa

Hey, remember when pineapple beer and banana bread were a thing? That was all this year. Google released its annual Top Search Trends list and here’s what we were Googling.

The top trending recipes were:

  1. Pizza dough recipe
  2. Doughnut recipe
  3. Pineapple beer recipe
  4. Banana loaf recipe
  5. Pancakes recipe

Top tip: If you ever want to know something or someone asks you a question they could have clearly googled themselves, get passive-aggressive and send them to this site: letmegooglethat.com

The top trending questions were:

  1. How to apply for an unemployment grant?
  2. Who won the election?
  3. What time is the President on tonight?
  4. What is coronavirus?
  5. What is 5G?
  6. Where does vanilla flavouring come from?
  7. Why were cornflakes invented? TLDR; to stop people from masturbating. Listen to Cereal Wars from Business Wars for a fascinating and very detailed explanation.
  8. Where to buy beer during lockdown?
  9. Why were chainsaws invented? Partly for childbirth! Seriously. A TikTok video got this search trending. 
  10. How to make hand sanitiser?

Surprisingly, the alcohol ban didn’t make the top 10.

The top 10 trending searches in South Africa in 2020 were:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. US elections update
  3. Sasol share price
  4. Level-3 lockdown South Africa
  5. Children’s Day
  6. Hantavirus
  7. Load shedding
  8. Cigarettes ban South Africa
  9. Teacher’s Day
  10. Leap Day

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