maxtech online shopping review

Online Shopping Review: Maxtech

Outdoor camera gear - and a local seller of the LitraTorch

Player 2 is almost impossible to purchase gifts for. He’s not really materialistic and has pretty much everything he “needs”. Or does that annoying thing where he just purchases what he things he needs. His birthday rolled around and I was at a loss for what to get him. He enjoys taking photos of bugs, that’s this weird hobby he has and he is pretty good at it. The problem he has with his bug photography is lighting. He purchased a small handheld torch at the beginning of the year but I know he struggles. It requires a second pair of hands (mine) to shine light on the subject and it doesn’t distribute as evenly as he’d like. In passing he mentioned he wanted to get a lighting solution that was compact enough and could fit on his camera. A few people had mentioned a Lume Cube but after he watched a gazillion YouTube videos he announced he was considering a LitraTorch. So I ran out to grab him one for his birthday.

When I googled LitraTorch South Africa I was shown adverts for Takealot immediately. I avoid Takealot where I can. I find the third party seller system a pain in the ass to deal with. Personal preference. The organic top search result was MaxTech so I clicked on their link.

Navigating the Site

maxtech online shopping review

My biggest concern when I found the MaxTech website was how little information about the company itself was on it. There’s little to go on except the list of outdoor camera equipment products they sell (including LitraTorch) and then a contact form. There was an email, a land line phone number and a whats app option. The land line number gave me peace of mind (though I really think you need to do your homework with these things), I had also seen they supplied Takealot so decided to take the risk and purchase online. Navigating their site was really easy with everything clearly listed, separated into brands and really easy to find.

Checking out and Payment

maxtech online shopping review

Buying on the MaxTech website is really easy and you can move through the checking out process relatively quickly. For payment they use i-Pay which pushes you to do an EFT on their platform. I’m not a huge fan of payment gateways like this. I don’t like logging into my bank account via a third party. However, I took the plunge and purchased any way. At the time I was really stressed. I was getting Player 2 a LitraTorch 2.0 and some additional lighting filters, which was roughly around R2500. It was a lot of money to risk on a website I wasn’t 100% sure about. I received a confirmation email the moment my order was placed and less than 30 minutes later a mail saying the order was with the courier and a tracking number.

Receiving items and Courier Company

maxtech online shopping review

As I mentioned I received confirmation from MaxTech within 30 minutes that my goods were packed and with the courier. They used The Courier Guy, who I’ve actually had really good experiences with this year. My package arrived that afternoon! I was absolutely shocked. I’d placed the order relatively early in the morning and it arrived before 4pm the same day. Obviously there are a variety of reasons for this and don’t expect same day delivery when you place your order. You’re offered a 2 to 4 day shipping option, so I was lucky. The goods arrived SO well packaged. The LitraTorch and filters are relatively small but they were super packed in bubble wrap to protect them. Obviously really important considering. I was really impressed.

Final Thoughts

maxtech online shopping review

I took a huge risk with MaxTech. I was desperate and sort of just went with my gut. I’m so glad I did. The speed and care with which my package arrived was so incredibly impressive. I’ve since traversed their website and they offer a host of different outdoor camera options. I’m really impressed with their service and their offering. I’ll definitely be using them again.

Disclosure: I used my own money to make these purchases and Audiomart was not aware I was going to review their offering.

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