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The benefits of a Gaming PC in a new generation of consoles

Very little could have prepared any of us for the rollercoaster few months that have just taken place within the world of the video games industry. From Nvidia’s sell-out first-run (remember, there’s no use crying over spilled milk or, apparently, the bot scalpers trawling launch day) to the war raging between Sony and Microsoft in the run-up to their console launches, no stone within the gaming world has been left unturned during the latter half of 2020. 

Now, with the dust beginning to settle, gamers around the world are beginning to wake up in a new era of gaming – one that, without the latest tech, very few of us can feel prepared for. 

Of course, this tech comes at a high ticket price. But, with the all-or-nothing approach to snagging the lion’s share of the market shown by the biggest developers out there, choosing between a gaming PC or console is not easy. Both options are being touted as offering the ultimate entrance into this new gaming landscape – if you’ve decided to focus on PC Gaming, here’s why your decision might work out best for you. so what do you choose?

PC Gaming Has the Widest Gaming Selection

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PC gaming is able to enjoy the best of both worlds – the more so now, of course, with cloud gaming emerging onto the scene and offering those playing on PC access to a staggering selection of Triple-A and indie titles that, for those playing through console, remain PS or Xbox exclusives. 

Similarly, innumerable gamers are playing online slots in South Africa each and every day through their PCs and mobiles, and, globally, it represents one of the most long-lasting and popular niches within the gaming market. Of course, these games have been designed for high quality performance even on non-gaming PCs – but, if you’re on the fence between investing into a new PC or console, it is well worth considering the massive variety of games available through your browser. 

PC Offers Greater Personalisation Opportunities

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When it comes to PC gameplay, there is plenty of scope for tailing your gaming experience to you. Switching between keyboard and mouse, and handheld controller, ensures that you can enjoy each and every game to its fullest at the drop of a hat.

Furthermore, the PC itself lends itself to a wide array of customisation opportunities that simply are not available with mainstream consoles. While it may be a sharp learning curve for anyone who has never dabbled in the world of PC customisation before, it is an incredibly rewarding undertaking for anyone looking to create the best gaming experience money can buy. 

Playing Online is Free

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Online gaming is more popular than ever before, and it is incredibly unlikely that any keen console player will be able to get the most out of their games without also paying a monthly subscription fee to get online and play with others around the world. From the handheld Switch to the Xbox X series, breaking out of your own at-home bubble and connecting to the wider community comes at a premium.

PC gamers have the advantage of avoiding this extra charge altogether, which enables them to save a minimum of $20 each year (and much more for Xbox and PlayStation players). This facilitates a much more versatile experience for the PC team, meaning that the cost of a new game really is what it says on the ticket – no hidden extras. 

PC gaming still has a place in a new generation of gaming – and now, with the roll out of a wide variety of cloud gaming services, there are fewer restrictions than ever before on those who choose to play through their computers. 


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