We are 90% through 2020 & this comic explains life after corona perfectly

Oh how things have changed

It’s the final countdown to Christmas and if you’d like to celebrate in style, check out these advent calendars. From beauty to chocolate to gin there is something for everyone. There is also a LEGO Harry Potter one which I intend on buying this weekend. And now this. And by this, I mean Bytesized.

Baby Yoda cookies

I still haven’t watched The Mandalorian, but I am all here for Baby Yoda (The Child). Last week he turned one and this week he is eating cookies aka macarons and then throwing them up. Karma payment plan – he stole them from a kid using the force.

Never Ending Bad Guy

To celebrate 1 billion views of Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, YouTube Music created an infinite loop video. Using AI, all of the covers and originals are stitched together (so you don’t miss a beat) and the songs are randomised.

When I tested it out, I got a cover called The Crab Guy. Can you imagine if they did this with Baby Shark, the most played song on YouTube? Kids would love it, parents? Not so much.

It isn’t ironic but it also isn’t practical

COVID before and after and kind of what life is like right now

Irina Blok of Creative Blok gets life in a time of Corona perfectly.

Marvel makeup is a thing

You didn’t think those superheroes always look so good without any help, did you? Maybelline has launched a Marvel range. I am not a beauty hero, but that mascara looks awesome.  Sam checked out the range, and you can find out more here.

maybelline marvel collab

ICYMI: Last week’s edition of Bytesized which includes info on a R29m pigeon, Fleets and more.

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get an stranger, a pigeon just sold for R29 million


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