subscription box for plant lovers

A new subscription box for plant lovers

Saffron's Garden Plant Club

A few weeks ago I got a surprise delivery at my door. A box arrived and I was somewhat confused because on opening it, there was a small plant and a host of related accessories. I had no clue what it was or who sent it, but on reading the note inside I was intrigued. The note alluded to “Saffron’s Garden Plant Club”. The Plant Club is a monthly subscription box service.

I know this doesn’t seem “tech” related, but I made a list of monthly subscription boxes awhile back and the post was extremely popular:

A list of South African box subscriptions

This is by far one of the best subscription box services I’ve found so I definitely had to share.

Saffron’s Garden Plant Club

subscription box for plant lovers

The subscription box was started by Saffron de la Rouviere who is basically a plant loving lady based in Cape Town. Rather than heading to a nursery and being inundated with plants that, if you’re like me, you don’t know how to look after or don’t even know the names of, the service allows you to sign up to a monthly mystery plant box subscription.

The idea is that you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The plants will always be house plants, so you’ll be able to enjoy the subscription box whether you have a big garden or live in a flat.

What was in the box?

subscription box for plant lovers

My box came with a gorgeous little house plant. The plant did struggle a bit on the journey but was really well packaged considering and even though it now sits a bit skew in the pot, survived travelling from Cape Town. It was  Mammilaria Mystax which is a small cactus native to Mexico. It has a few pink flowers which makes it really pretty. It came in a little ceramic pot and included instructions on how to take care of the little thing.

subscription box for plant lovers

The box didn’t only include a plant. It also included a Single Classic Blumat Watering Device which is an automatic waterer. A few people commented on my Instagram story that this little device is fantastic if you travel a lot, to ensure your plants are well watered according to what they need.

subscription box for plant lovers

This key ring was made by Simba. Simba makes a host of beaded things and sells them at the Hout Bay Market in Cape Town. This was his own design and I love it.

subscription box for plant lovers

South African company Skinny la Minx included a little stash bag in the box. I love the hardiness of the fabric and zip. This is a great addition to your car or gym bag.

The important stuff

subscription box for plant lovers

I love that the box included a host of special South African products but the main focus: the house plant, is just divine. I’m so useless with plants usually but this was so special and I think it is an absolutely awesome idea as a gift or just as a small something special to yourself. The quality of the items, from the ceramic pot to the gorgeous printed gift info and plant care guide, are all premium. It’s also relatively well priced with each subscription box costing R450. You can order your box online at the Saffron’s Garden Plant Club.


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