Baby Yoda turns 1. We’re drinking Tesla Tequila to celebrate.

Last weekend my sibling and I took her goddaughter to Spur. I haven’t been to Spur in ages and deviated from my usual beef burger and decided to try the crumbed chicken burger instead. I do not regret that life choice. Throw on some Spur pink sauce and voila. I get why Spur is so popular with parents. The kids get to go to the play area and you get to drink your <insert drink of choice at 12 am here>. It’s win-win. Now that I have that unsolicited top parent tip off my chest, here’s this week’s Bytesized.

Baby Yoda turns 1

Can you believe it was almost exactly a year ago when The Child aka Baby Yoda came into our lives via The Mandalorian (which I still haven’t watched!)? And like any celeb, what would his life be like without a lil controversy. Apparently (Spoiler alert) in Season 2 The Child eats an egg and fans aren’t pleased. Even a Lucasfilms art director had to defend the little critter.

Google changed its icons to all look the same & just like I am with every FB update, I am not impressed

I use the icons as bookmarks in my browser and now I am confused. Gmail is supposed to be red. Apparently I am not the only one. Some guy came up with an extension that restores the old icons. 

Nando’s wins Twitter

Tesla Tequila, it makes you happy

First Elon Musk released short shorts for $69.42 which sold out within hours. And then he released Tesla Tequilla, for $250 (R3 907) a bottle, that sold out within two hours (It’s no Gywneth’s Vagina candle, but still).

tesla tequilla

Raspberry Pi 400: it’s inside the keyboard

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 400, which is Raspberry Pi 4 inside a keyboard. (If you’re into retro tech, read my Raspberry Pi 3 review here)

PS5 vs Xbox – it’s kind of a big deal

Sam got to check out the Xbox Series S here and Hans of Vamers got to review the PS5, which you can watch here. 

If this isn’t your vibe, then do you. After playing Zelda on Switch for a while, I am now enjoying playing 2048 on my phone #NotAGamer.


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