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The best South African Esports stories for October 2020

I write for Red Bull Gaming. I’ve had the opportunity to tell incredible esports stories on the platform for years now. I’ve tried to keep track of the stories I’ve told and interviews I’ve done, but in the last few months realised the best way to do this would be to record them all here on the blog. This is more a time capsule for me than anything else, if I’m honest, but a great way for me to share with you as well. So here are 4 of the best South African Esports stories for October 2020, that you might enjoy. Be sure to click on the images to link to the full stories.

The best Fortnite drop spots

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, then the new season would have been a highlight for you. I chatted to Travis, a new signing for popular organisation Goliath Gaming, and their first Fortnite signing, who shared some insight into the mechanics of the game and how the new season impacted it:

fortnite drop spots

Learning about PUBG Mobile in South Africa

I had a chance to shoutcast some PUBG Mobile recently and ended up meeting a really interesting gent who does so much for the community. He helped me learn a little bit more about the local scene, the players and showed me how much he was doing to build the mobile title in South Africa. Here’s my interview with him:

PUBG Mobile in South Africa

What it takes to run an Esports business in South Africa

I think understanding how to turn your passion into a money making business is a tough one. Most get it terribly wrong while others simply pretend they’re a big deal. I decided to chat to three people currently working in esports to discuss what they do and how they do it. I believe these three gents really should be the people we look up to and learn from. So hopefully their insight inspires young entrepreneurs:

esports business

What happens when a real rally driver goes Sim Racing

I’ve been working on the Toyota Esports Challenge and I really was fascinated by the real life rally drivers. What they do, is kind of insane. I also wondered how they coped moving from that real world experience into a video game. Giniel de Villiers is a Red Bull Athlete, a Toyota Gazoo Rally Driver AND competed in the Toyota Esports Challenge. So of course I decided to interview him to find out what his experience was like:

toyota esports challenge

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