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3 free tools to help with content creation

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I think deciding to create content online can be a bit daunting. It might feel a bit overwhelming and also, expensive. Everyone it telling you to spend money here and spend money there. But you don’t actually have to drop a ton of cash when you start. There are a stack of free online tools that can help you on your content creation journey. I’ve shared some below to get you started, no matter the content you create.

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What is a media kit, social stats pack or digital portfolio?

Whether you’re a writer, podcaster, illustrator or streamer – you need a digital toolbox of sorts to help you improve your content, platforms and overall experience for your community. Here are 3 free online tools that can help you on your content creation journey:



If you’re a graphic designer you might cringe, but of those not blessed with astute photoshop skills, Canva is a gift from the heavens. Canva is an online platform that allows you to dabble in graphic design. By dabble, you can choose from a host of professionally designed templates for social media, presentations, print outs and the like. You’re then able to somewhat customise those templates, edit them and drag in your own photos. There is a paid version of Canva but the free offering is very inclusive and has a host of templates available to help get you started. You can do everything online on canva.com



If you’ve just jumped into the streaming game, go give Streamlabs a look. It’s free live streaming software that integrates with OBS. Even if you want to avoid the software, if you set up an account on Streamlabs you can take advantage of a few things like setting up donations, so your community can support you and chatbots to help keep your streams engaged. Streamlabs also provides some free overlays and graphic templates for those just starting out and wanting to professionalise their stream a bit (this is great if Canva isn’t delivering what you need). Streamlabs integrates with Twitch, YouTube Live and Facebook Live. You can pay for Streamlabs Prime which unlocks a host of other features as well. Visit streamlabs.com if you’re interested in trying it out.

A free digital marketing course (that even includes certification!)

google marketing

Making great content is one thing, but ensuring that content is seen is a whole other ball game. Learning how to market yourself in the cluttered and noisy online environment is something every content creator, hustler or entrepreneur should invest in. Google offers a free “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course. It takes roughly 40 hours to complete and is IAB accredited. When you complete the course you’ll receive certification from Google. So not only will this help you on your content creation journey but you’ll be able to add a little something to your CV. If you want to sign up for the course, you can do so by clicking here

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