instagram accounts to follow to improve mental health

6 Instagram accounts to follow to improve your mental health

Using social media to improve your mood

COVID is causing a global mental health crisis says the Red Cross. Not only are we dealing with a stressful situation, but it is also disrupting mental health services. This pandemic is shining a light on existing issues and showing us that things need to change. Instead of going into the toll social media can take on your mental health, why don’t we rather use it for good. Here are accounts you can follow that will make you pause your doom scrolling and breathe.

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Blessing Manifesting

Run by a self-care blogger, Blessing Manifesting covers a range of topics, but my favourite posts are the ones where you get to check in on yourself. The tasks are small enough to be achievable and not overwhelm you.


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There's a new post on the blog (you can follow the link in my bio!) ((ETA: This is my current experience based of my anxiety. Anxiety manifests differently for everyone. A decade ago I was agoraphobic, was too anxious to clean, had frequent panic attacks and my anxiety didn't look like this at all. However it manifests in you is valid)) I don't really care for the term "high-functioning" but high functioning anxiety is a term that's often used to describe people who have anxiety and are able to function reasonably well out in the world. Basically we look "normal" or even exceptional. But underneath all of those things that make us look "put together" is a layer of anxiety that's really in control and all of these wonder qualities that we are so often praised for, are rooted in anxiety. Do any of these feel familiar to you? #anxiety #highfunctioninganxiety #anxietysupport #anxietyawareness #anxietyproblem #anxious #anxietyrelief #mentalhealth

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The Happy Sloth Club

The Happy Sloth Club is all sorts of wonderful. Obviously, the name attracted me first, but it’s more than that. It covers an array of messaging from self-care to self-worth. If you’re interested in sloths and wellbeing (and who wouldn’t be), read Be More Sloth.


My Easy Therapy

My Easy Therapy curates content but also adds in a lot of info in the caption so you can look at the pictures and if you want more info, read lengthy but interesting captions from a psychologist.

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My oh my does this apply! FYI I sang that in my head, does anyone else have to sing anything that rhymes? ⁠ ⁠ 🎨@lizandmollie⁠ ⁠ Ok so you've heard the saying you can't pour from an empty cup? Well, it's true and you know this but you're probably not taking it as seriously as you know you should, am I right?⁠ ⁠ Some call it self care, I call it 'charging'. When you go to bed at night you plug your phone to the socket in the wall in the hopes that it will be charged up ready for use the next day. You wouldn't let the battery drain and then expect it to work, that doesn't make sense. Well, it's the same for your body and mind. We need to charge if we expect to be able to function properly.⁠ ⁠ Here are four super basic ways to get a quick re-charge every day. ⁠ ⁠ FOOD – balanced, healthy. Little and often. 6 times a day is gold standard (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack) if you go more than four hours without food not only are you not getting the fuel your body actually needs to survive, your body goes into starvation mode, starts acting really weird because it thinks its never going to eat again, blood sugars all over the place, storing fat etc, and you're left with brain fog, feeling fatigued, and super irritable.⁠ ⁠ SLEEP – enough for you – average is about 8-10 hours but not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. If you're waking up tired or feeling really tired throughout the day it's not enough and there goes your concentration and ability to tolerate life.⁠ ⁠ EXERCISE – the fun kind (whatever that means to you) because..dopamine. 30 minutes per day.⁠ ⁠ WATER – plenty. If we don't hydrate we will literally shrivel and die like a plant. Before it gets to that point however a lot of other horrible things happen but at a minimum, a lack of water can make us feel tired. If you are reading this then you're probably blessed to have water flowing directly into your home. Don't waste the blessing. Drink the blessing.⁠ ⁠ 🗣❤️ Check out the self love toolkit. It's the answer to everything you need in order to turbo charge your self love. LINK IN BIO ⁠ ⁠ 🗣❤️Tag a friend too, lets spread some easy therapy⁠

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This is where inspirational quotes meet science. These facts show how and why certain activities, like breath work, are effective. With Neurohacker you’ll learn how your brain works. This account does try and sell you some vitamins from time to time, but I just ignore that.

Zeppelin Moon

The drawings alone make following Zeppelin Moon worthwhile. It’s not your conventional wisdom, but the posts will make you smile and nod in appreciation.

Matt Z Haig

I actually read one of  Matt Z Haig‘s books and wasn’t a fan. A friend shared one of his posts on IG Stories and I liked what I saw. I still don’t like that book but have found following him on IG very helpful.

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I am a sentimental old fool.

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How to save your favourite posts for later

Take a screenshot of posts that resonate with you and save them on a folder on your phone. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or down, go to the folder and read some of the posts.


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