Logitech G G502

Celebrating the World’s best selling gaming mouse

Logitech G G502

Meet the Logitech G G502 Gaming Mouse. We’re celebrating the 7 year anniversary of this baby – which is the World’s best selling gaming mouse.

I’ve been using the G502 LIGHTSPEED since I started partnering with Logitech G last year. Originally I was very dubious about a wireless gaming mouse but now I actually am not sure any mouse will replace the special place this one has in my heart.

Here’s a bit more on my original gear from Logitech G, including the G502 LIGHTSPEED:

New Logitech G gaming gear – check it out

Let’s chat about the G502 LIGHTSPEED

G502 lightspeed


  • It’s fully customisable. So I’ve got it set with different profiles depending what game I’m in.
  • 11 buttons to programme! I use a whole 7. But there are 11!
  • 16K Sensor. Possibly the “most accurate gaming sensor”. You’d need to decide. I have no complaints.
  • Wireless… obvs.
  • Adjustable weights. Yeah, I don’t use those. But you can.
  • Customisable RGB lighting. I 100% use these and change them and love them.


Best in the biz

Logitech G G502

The G502 is the world’s best selling gaming mouse, according to independent sales data in units for all models of the G502 gaming mice aggregated from major global markets…. can you tell I quoted that verbatim because BIG MARKETING WORDS. It also regularly features of Best Gaming Mouse lists. It’s pedigree is better than mine and it really is the mouse you want to grab if you’re a gamer.

To celebrate the 7 year anniversary Logitech G sent me this incredible wall mount to showcase the G502:

Logitech G G502

I can’t wait to finalise my study and get this bad boy up. It’s not the only thing they sent me though. To celebrate the G502 7 year anniversary I have a special G502 box kit to giveaway. Take a look at this baby:

Logitech G G502

Logitech G G502

Logitech G G502

Right, I’m well aware you want to win this. Even I want to win this! I’m going to make this really simple. On 1 September I’m going to reward the biggest Tech Girl x Logitech G fan.

All you need to do is be following me on all the things and share the Logitech G love.

Make sure you’re following the Logitech G South Africa Facebook page.

How you do that is completely up to you, just make sure you tag me in your posts so I can see them and have entered via Gleam so I can audit. Do that below and GOOD LUCK!

Logitech G G502 Giveaway

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