wireless charging pad review

A new little wireless phone charging pad

The Moshi Otto Q

If, like me, you’re constantly losing iPhone cables to charge your phone (or breaking the ends… whoa is me) – this might be a nice solution.

The Moshi Otto Q

wireless charging pad review

I’m a big fan of the Moshi range and have shared my love for their phone covers before:

Want to win a Moshi case for your iPhone X?

One of the things that happened when I moved into my new house was I realised how many damn cables I have next to my bed for charging various devices. It was frustrating because the cables all fall behind my side table and I’m constantly moving things around trying to find cables (or wrapping them around my lamp shade). I hate how messy it looks. When the Moshi Otto Q landed on my desk I was apprehensive. Don’t get me wrong I was looking forward to having a prettier and neater option for the cables. However, I’ve used charging pads before and they almost never work as advertised.

So what does the Moshi Otto Q do?

wireless charging pad review

  • The first thing is it offers fast wireless charging
  • It also claims to charge through a case up to 5mm thick
  • It is a Qi-certified wireless charger

Does it do what it says:

wireless charging pad review

I had a case without a phone ring on. The Otto Q had no problem charging my device with that case. When I had my phone in my case with a phone ring it won’t charge. This is frustrating because I use a phone ring regularly. I also wish this problem could be fixed if I just put my phone face down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. So you’ll either need to remove the case with the phone ring or not use one.

It does charge fast and I’ve been using it now as my primary charger for a few days.

It looks really good. I love the fabric finish. I know from using a Moshi cover like this for an older phone that it doesn’t hold dust and dirt as much. I also love the grey colour because white cables end up looking pretty manky over time. There is also a smart LED showing when it is charging.

The design is premium and looks really good. So it makes a nice addition to my side table versus just another cable.

The Otto Q comes with the charging pad and a USB-C cable to connect. It is pretty pricey though, locally it is retailing for around R1000. 

Disclosure: I was sent a Moshi Otto Q to keep. 

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