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Here's your geek update

Remember when we had voice tweets? That was like four weeks ago. We were different people back then. Now we can choose who can reply to tweets and maybe, just maybe Tik Tok and Twitter will become friends. But until then Instagram Reels or regular TikTok will have to keep you entertained. And now this…

Graphics in games have become so photorealistic but one thing is still off

The beauty brand,  Estee Lauder is getting in on the gaming trend. Visit their microsite where you can play games like:

Side note: using the word photorealistic made me think of photorealistic beaver in Cow & Chicken, which is one of the best shows ever. It is so clever and I’m surprised it was allowed on a kid’s platform but so glad that it was.

photorealistic beaver

“Coz you don’t need a home to have a houseplant” – Coconut Kelz

I just can’t get enough of Coconut Kelz and this home tour had me in stitches.

You can stay at the last Blockbuster (that’s a DVD slash video store)

The last remaining Blockbuster in the US (not sure about the world, coz I am sure there is a dorpie whose DVD industry is thriving, even though there is a documentary called The Last Blockbuster on Earth) is now an Airbnb. You can stay and have a movie night. They also have a VCR aka a video machine. Just remember to be kind and rewind.


Anybody else planning for 2021 yet?

Things are already so different.

Apparently this is the future of outdoor events

It’s like a VIP room for errybody. This was in England where about 2.5k fans gathered on 500 raised cages to listen to some guy called Sam Fender.

Booze update

I have no idea why TOPS is part of the zeitgeist because I usually buy vino at Checkers. Speaking of vino, I still have some left. Cool story bro.

Star Wars – Lego + Pandora

Sam posted about Pandora X Star Wars Collection and now in other Star Wars news: The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special movie will debut on Disney + (Can’t wait until we get it in South Africa. Took the Masterclass of former Disney CEO Bob Iger – also a Bill Gates book recommendation – and he really turned Disney around).

Did you know you can listen to your most played songs on Spotify?

Just search for “on repeat” and Spotify will show you a playlist of your most played songs. Remember in iTunes how it would tell you how many times a song has been played? That was cool.

Here is my on repeat playlist for the week. Judge away. I never claimed to be cultured.


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