Thule chronical backpack

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The Thule Achiever and Thule Chronical

When travel was still a thing and we were going to all the places – I was desperately searching for a laptop backpack. The one I was using finally kicked the bucket by gloriously having the strap rip. It was a freebie so I should have known better. ANYWAY, I started shopping around and came across the range from Thule. They’ve got a really fab offering if you need a laptop travel type backpack and two different options as well.

The Thule Achiever and Thule Chronical are super bags. I was sent the Thule Chronical to review. 

Thule Chronical

Thule Chronical backpack

The backpack is available in three colour options – a grey with blue trim, a teal type colour with green finishes and an orange bag with grey trim. I’ve got the grey but like the other two brighter colours as they won’t go missing or be misplaced that easily because of their stand out colours.

The bag can hold around 28 litres. What this means is you’ll get a 15 inch laptop in the notebook pocket and be able to likely include a few other extras like an iPad, charging cables and a few bits in pieces in the second front pocket. There isn’t a huge amount of stretch space so if you’re travelling you aren’t going to be able to shove a bunch of extra valuables into the backpack (which I do sometimes). The bag is padded on the back and the front pocket of the laptop pocket has some additional padding to protect your notebook. There is then an additional pocket on that for a kindle, phone or iPad.

Thule safe pocket

The second front pocket also has a zippered privacy pocket for a purse or passports. It’s pretty deep so you could get a lot of extra bits in there. My favourite feature is the SafetyZone pocket though. It has a rigid hard exterior but then a foam padded inside so it is great for a vlogging camera or pair of sunglasses.

The backpacks retail for around R1499 and is a great investment for anyone who travels around with a laptop and needs some extra space.

You can buy them online here.

thule laptop backpack

While I can’t get on a plane right now I do end up heading to different locations to film and this bag is ideal to carry all my necessities as well as a vlogging camera. So it really comes in handy. I know a few of you asked me for backpack suggestions awhile ago, so I’m pretty excited to let you know that I’m giving one of these babies away!

Thule backpack

You can win your own Thule Chronical backpack simply by commenting on this blog and telling me your favourite feature. Make sure you enter via gleam after commenting so I can record your entry!

Thule Giveaway!

Disclosure: I was sent a Thule Chronical to photograph and keep. 



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