just smile

STOP scrolling & click on this. It’s a bunch of things to put a smile on your dial

No one ever died from too much laughing... did they?

Just some things to make you laugh. You can never laugh too much (although this study found that it could trigger fainting, asthma attacks, “protrusion of abdominal hernias,” headaches, incontinence, jaw dislocation, and irregular heartbeat). So if you only giggle slightly, then my work here is done as I would never want to cause any of the above.

What’s your power move?

Everybody YEAH Rock Your Body YEAH

Don’t you love it when people announce that they are taking a break from social media?


Sound on. It’s great either way, but the sound makes it so much better.

Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. They are also one of my favourite animals.

It is always number 27. Headaches for what? Headaches for who?

This tech tip will change your life.

This IG account has been cracking me up. You have to scroll to appreciate the pure beauty. Also, these beauties will be for sale in August and I need an original.

And that’s it. Short and sweet. I’m off to go and buy all of the chocolates that are going to be discontinued soon.

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