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Online Shopping Review: Soxy Lady

Funky Slippers and Socks for adults

Mine and Player 2’s 3 year anniversary was a few weeks ago. We’d just moved house so both agreed that we weren’t going to do expensive gifts or dinners (especially dinners because we were definitely not going out! Haha). We actually made a pact to not get each other anniversary presents this year. Of course, both of us broke that. I wanted to get him something small and not spend a fortune. He’d mentioned when we moved that he wanted slippers. Simple enough request for a grown man. However, it turns out slippers for adult men are boring AF. Everything I found, in his size, looked like something my grandfather would wear to get the newspaper from the gate back in the day. Typo had a selection of funky slippers but none big enough for a Size 9. So I asked for advice on Twitter and someone suggested Soxy Lady. On visiting their site I realised they had exactly what I was looking for. I knew no one that had purchased from them before (the twitter user who replied confirmed she hadn’t purchased from them but had heard of them via the grapevine). So I decided to test them out and hope for the best.

Before I begin this review, I do need to make it clear that I actually phoned Soxy Lady before ordering. Their contact number is super easy to find on the site. I rang them to confirm they had stock of everything in the online store as I didn’t want to purchase and then be left waiting. I’ll be the first to admit, I was also nervous and wanted to make sure they were the “real deal” so to speak. I chatted to a great gent who confirmed everything on the website was in stock.

Navigating the site

soxy lady site

The Soxy Lady website is a very simple lay out and easy to navigate. I thought it was well laid out and I actually liked that almost everything I needed: from contact numbers to an idea of product offering, could be found on the front page. The rolling banner could do with a graphic upgrade, but I think it speaks to the business you’re buying into – which appears to be a small family run ecommerce store. Regardless, the site is laid out well, there is tons of product information when you click on various products, and I was able to find exactly what I wanted in less than 5 minutes.

Checking out and Payment

online review soxy lady

As I mentioned, the online store is very easy to navigate (they’re using a pre-built theme but kept it simple as well, which really helped). Checking out is no different. You follow straight forward steps and see the process as you go. Payment is done through Payfast. As I’ve mentioned before with these online shopping reviews, I use Payfast on my site, so I’m familiar with them and like their service. Everything went off without a hitch. My only small issue was that the various notification emails such as confirming the order and that payment was received, all went in to my spam folder. I needed to change my email settings to recognise the Soxy Lady notifications. I purchased a pair of novelty slippers for Player 2 in a Size 9 and a pair of soft fleece slippers for myself.

Receiving items and Courier Company

online review soxy lady

If you purchase on the Soxy Lady store you’re given one courier option: The Courier Guy, with a flat delivery fee of R100. Before lock down I didn’t have a great opinion of The Courier Guy. It had been hit and miss for me, with them, a few times. However, since lock down they’ve really upped their game. I get fast deliveries that arrive before scheduled and their staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. I placed my order late on a Friday night. I presumed I’d get delivery around Wednesday. The slippers arrived on Tuesday morning before 9am. Ironically, I actually emailed Soxy Lady on Tuesday morning to ask if they had a tracking number for me and the slippers arrived 5 minutes after I hit send on the email. Within an hour of signing for my package I received a text message from the team (they had my number from the order) confirming the items had arrived as they’d seen my email but also got notification from the Courier Guy that delivery had taken place. I was really impressed! The slippers arrived each individually wrapped and labelled with ribbon – which was a nice touch.

Final Thoughts

online review soxy lady

I spent a considerable amount of time trawling the internet and the “big” retailers looking for novelty slippers for a grown man and came up short. The few places I did find didn’t have stock. Player 2 had seen a pair of shark slippers for kids that he loved, and I was able to get a very similar pair via Soxy Lady. He’s in love with them. I also dig my fleece slippers and will likely purchase some of their slip on slippers for summer. The site also has emoji pillows, some really cute animal headgear items and a stack of sock offerings. I was apprehensive at first, I’m very aware of getting scammed and had some concerns. But honestly, the purchase process was so simple, the staff so helpful and the service top class. Many smaller ecommerce sites will tell you they’re battling with couriers during Covid lock downs (I know, I’m one of them), have delays and are struggling to source stock.

Overall: Soxy Lady was easy to use, quick on delivery and I’m really happy with my purchases. I can definitely recommend using them.

Disclosure: I used my own money to make these purchases and Soxy Lady was not aware I was going to review their offering.

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