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The best online flower delivery service I’ve found

Let me introduce you to Julep

You know, up until I met Player 2 I’d never had a significant other or friend have flowers delivered to me. Sure I’d had clients mass send flowers or an awkward drunken rose purchase a few years back, but I’d never been surprised with a knock on the door and a special arrangement from someone I cared about. I suppose that is why my go to for friends birthdays and special occasions are flowers. Secretly, I’m gifting what I want!

The problem, I find, is getting a good flower delivery company. We all go to the big well known one and they tend to just not be good. Sorry, Net Florist, but you’re not. They’re expensive and I find the arrangements to be a bit bleh. I don’t mind paying for beautiful bouquets but with them I just never even know if it is going to arrive on time. My brother’s girlfriend, and my friend, Lauren is like a bloodhound for awesome local small businesses (she also runs her own which I’ve linked to). She’d shown me an Instagram page a few months back and pointed out how clever she thought the concept was – and also how beautiful the products were.


flower delivery

Julep is a flower delivery service that operates in Pretoria and Johannesburg. But they’re a bit different to what you’re used to. In short they drop off a box of fresh cut flowers. The idea is that you get to unbox your flowers and arrange them. Each delivery is a beautiful cardboard box and when you open them you find a bunch of flowers in bud (so ready to open), the box includes some tips on how to arrange the flowers and care for them.

My first order

flower delivery

A very dear friend had a birthday recently and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to utilise Julep. You order your flowers on their website, which you can find here. The ordering process was really simple and I received emails throughout the process after placing my order. I loved that I was able to upload a photo which is printed with your order as part of the gift card. It’s such a special and unique touch. The boxes look so incredibly premium and the flowers themselves are absolutely beautiful. You’re giving the gift of flowers while also allowing your friend or loved one the chance to express their own creativity with the way they arrange them.

flower delivery

From start to finish my purchasing experience with Julep was awesome and I was so shuffed with the special gift. I was also hella jealous that I didn’t order a box for myself and am now writing this post as a massive hint to my Player 2 to pay attention!

The best part is you’re supporting a small South African owned and run business – so definitely one to check out. The cost for a box sits between R400 and R420. I promise you, it is worth EVERY cent.

Disclaimer: I used this service with my own money and Julep was not aware of who I was or that I’d be writing this blog post. 

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