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One of my most favourite esports articles to date

New piece published on Red Bull Esports

A few weeks ago I came up with this idea to chat to some of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers I knew in South Africa to get their advice on how to improve in game. I’m in a fortunate position that I have interviewed many of them before so I reached out to a host of them and asked for their insight. I then put all their answers together into an article for Red Bull. I’ll be honest, this was a really selfish one for me. I find top performers the most interesting of people. Each and every one of the players I chatted to are arguably the best in their game in South Africa. I had CSGO, Quake, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty and even Battlefield featured. Getting insight from these gents also gave me tips to apply to my own game.

Putting this piece together was some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile and I really enjoyed the interviews as well as writing it. I also feel strongly that it is a fantastic resource for anyone who is a fan of shooting games, whether you’re playing competitively or casually. The article is live on Red Bull Esports now. I’ve linked to it below via the image or you can click here to read it:

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