Well that escalated quickly: my plans vs 2020

Are you done with 2020?

And just like that, half of the year is done and dusted. In a way, it feels like it flew by but in another, not so much. In celebration, let’s continue laughing and joking with this week’s edition of Bytesized.

2020 Really messed with our plans


Done with 2020: the game that gets way too real

Cards Against Humanity really needed an update and this guy did just that. Available in the US from 7 July for $24.99 (R424).

done with 2020

Travel has changed so much

my vacation album

Not going away to the Greek Islands this year, because of the Rona.

Which is different from last year, which was not going away because I’m poor.

Seen on Twitter & then couldn’t find the tweet 


Even travel posters have changed…

And even though 2020 isn’t over, I am calling this the quiz of the year

Buzzfeed has also been the quiz place. This new format is one I could really get behind.


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