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Logitech G will let you know the carbon impact of your peripherals & their packaging

Logitech Pledges Carbon Impact Transparency

This is so cool so I absolutely had to share with you. I really love what Logitech is doing and think this will be a game changer in the space. The company is now going to provide detailed information on the products you buy and their environmental impact. Logitech will now include carbon impact information on all of their products via the packaging and on their website. The first of these new labels will appear on Logitech G gear later this year.

I really like this labelling because you’ll have a better idea of the impact your purchase choices are having and ultimately holds both you and the company responsible to work on lowering your carbon impact on the environment. It’s nothing new for Logitech – they’ve actively focused on ensuring sustainability across their brands and invested on ways to reduce the impact of their products on the environment. This happens during the design process. I’m always fascinated looking into these things because I don’t think we actively realise how much goes in to the planning and design of the products we use – including environmental impact.

Bracken Darrell, the president and CEO of Logitech, had this to say:

“We recognize the scale of the environmental challenges facing our planet today. We are doubling down on our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, yet we can’t do it alone. By communicating the carbon impact of our products, we are empowering and collaborating with our consumers to better the world. Carbon is the new calorie – we need to know what we’re consuming. We also invite other companies to join Logitech in driving positive change by providing full transparency on their products. It will take an industry-wide effort to truly make a difference.”

How do they calculate Carbon Impact?

Logitech G keyboard

Okay, at this point I’m going to let the official correspondence do the explaining:

Carbon impact is a recognised quantifiable measurement aligned with climate action efforts. Logitech has spent years developing a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) capability that reflects a product’s carbon impact throughout the life of a product, from its raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, consumer use and ultimately the end of life. Application of the LCA tools and design expertise allows the company to analyse the carbon, toxicity and circularity impact of various product and packaging materials.

To support the integrity of internal calculations, Logitech will work with well-known third parties including Natural Capital Partners, iPoint Group, and an independent verifier to critically verify and validate product-level carbon impacts to DEKRA certification standards. Logitech is voluntarily communicating product carbon footprint information and will provide online access to the methodology and protocol applied, meeting carbon footprint quantification and communications or labelling standards outlined by ISO 14067 and ISO 14026.

So there you go, I’m honoured to work with a brand like Logitech – especially when they lead the way with game changing moves like this! 


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