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A whole new review: Online Shopping experiences

One of the things I do a lot of is online shop. But one of the things I get super nervous about is buying from new businesses and not knowing what my online shopping experience will be like. Which is what has inspired this new series of posts you’re going to start seeing on the blog. I’ve decided to start reviewing my online shopping experiences and the ecommerce sites I purchase from.

The idea is pretty simple, I’ll carry on as is, purchasing items online as I do. However, what I’ll do is also document the process for you. So when I’m purchasing something from a company for the first time I’ll review the process for you. There’s a few key things I’m going to focus on:


  • Ease of use of the website
  • Payment options online
  • Communication during the purchase process
  • Courier times
  • Package and delivery of item


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If you think there should be other things discussed feel free to comment and I’ll see if I can add them. These were the things that popped into my head when I thought about online shopping and what I worry about when trying a new site. I can’t guarantee when these posts will go up. It will be dependent on when I purchase items. I’ll add some reviews from places I’ve purchased from before but any new purchases I’ll be sure to include as many photos as I can.


Online Shopping for Older Kids

Like I mentioned before, I try shop online. With Corona spreading like wildfire we’re even more reliant on ecommerce but it can be a really scary experience. You’re never sure if your items are going to arrive on time or if you’re buying from a legitimate retailer. I’ve almost been scammed a few times too, which is why I wanted to do these reviews.

I’ll going to review any online site I utilise, so a variety of different products will feature. Hopefully you’ll be able to find what you need and the experience will help you make smarter shopping purchases. There’s a new category on the blog to help keep all of these reviews together:

You can also click here to bookmark the category. I’ll slowly populate this section over time so be sure to check back regularly.

Here’s hoping we can all help each other shop safely and smarter online! 

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