Let’s explore life through the new normal

From masks to deliveries to video calls, we live in unprecedented times

This month has probably been one of the toughest of my life yet I’ve also laughed a lot, adopted a hedgehog, and grown even closer to my friends and family. I opened a bottle of dessert wine two nights ago because 1) I ran out of real wine ages ago (and am too cheap to pay R300 for a bottle of wine that usually costs R80, also don’t want to buy on the black market) and 2) I really needed a drink. It’s a fancy Waterford dessert wine and they dry the grapes on hay. It’s delicious but unlike regular wine, you can only have a little. #LockdownLifeProblems

Some news to make you seem cool when you’re waiting for someone to join the Zoom call that was supposed to start 5 minutes ago

Let’s explore life through the new normal

The new normal: Masks



The new normal: Deliveries


The new normal: Video calls

The new normal: taking trolling to a new level to bring joy to others because something sh*tty happened due to the ‘rona

The signs are what make this video for me. Like even if the realtor muted the sound, it would still be ruined.

Flexing with Smeg

I love checking out what is trending on Twitter. Sometimes I’ll click on something and wonder why it was trending. Usually, I am very wrong. This week Smeg was trending and it was all because of one tweet.

The comments were a gift that kept on giving. If you’re fancy would you be drinking instant Cappucino? Surely your countertop isn’t set out like that because how would you get to the sugar behind the liquor? It’s interesting that all the liquor labels are facing the camera. You know perfectly legitimate comments.

And as always, someone then went and did this. The expensive milk gets me. Genius!

Someone else that was trending on Twitter this week? Bianca.

Coconut Kelz gets the final word on #BiancaMustFall

TL;DR A Miss SA hopeful tweeted the N-word a couple of years ago and after trending on Twitter, has since retracted her entry.

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