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3 South African products you can (and should) buy during Level 4 lock down

Support local if you can!

For the duration of lock down I’ve been trying to focus on sharing useful resources and supporting small business. If you want to follow some of those stories you can click here – we’ve made lists of small businesses to support, how you can use your tech to help and even resources and courses you can try. Today, I want to share 3 South African products I’ve been using and consuming during Lock Down that I think you might like. These products are also all available during Level 4 of lock down during the COVID-19 crisis. Also, and this is an important one for me, they’re all distributed by local small South African businesses, so you’ll be doing your bit to try keep our economy afloat during these difficult times.

These are some of my favourites so take a look:


zero body and shampoo bar

This is not the first time I’ve mentioned the ZERO Bar on the blog. I included them in my travel beauty essentials last year, just after they’d launched:

3 travel beauty essentials you’ll thank me for later

The bar was originally purely a shampoo bar but, earlier this year the company released an updated formula bar that worked as both a hair and body bar. The idea being you had soap and shampoo in one. There are four new bars now available with the updated formula – which is focused on nourishing your skin, preventing dehydration and protecting the hydrolipid barrier. The four new colours include the JOJOBA Hair & Body Bar, the Moringa Hair & Body Bar, the Argan Hair & Body Bar and the Desert Melon Hair & Body Bar. I use these bars and have for some time now. The smell divine, cost R69 a bar and last (when used as both shampoo and soap) for more than 6 weeks (daily showers and washing my hair twice a week). In my opinion really great value for money. My only issue with them was that after regular use they became difficult to store. However, ZERO has launched a nifty tin travel case you can purchase as well, which makes that far easier to deal with. They’re water, plastic and cruelty free. You can order them here.

Macro Mixes

macro mixes products

This is another locally sourced product I’ve raved about in the past and they’ve actually already featured in my COVID 19 support small business series. But the online offering had a revamp recently and I immediately took advantage – so thought I’d share again. I’ve been purchasing these products for months. They supply a host of protein porridges as well as vegan friendly baking mixes. My go to favourites are the Chocolate Protein Porridge and the Vanilla Pancake mix. However, I’ve also used the Brownie and Muffin mixes. Macro mixes is such a rad option if you’re a fan of treats but looking for a healthier option. The porridges make for great breakfasts. The local business has also expanded their offering recently to include things like packaged Chickpeas, oat milk and the relevant bits and pieces you need when baking (I recently purchased the fancy “makes me feel like a Scientist” beaker). This week they launched a yummy drizzle option, which I might replace my nut butter purchases with (when it is back in stock, it’s already sold out!). The items are well priced and honestly, DELISH. So you if you want to give them a try, head on over here.

Society Coffee Cappuccinos

society coffee

If you’re missing your usual takeaway coffee treat this might be the ideal product for you. Society Coffee now has their instant cappuccino offering. The idea is that it is like bringing the coffee shop home and it tastes like it. I’m usually not really a fan of instant cappuccinos like this, but I tried the Society Coffee offering and now I’m hooked. These are delish and come in a host of flavours: you can get a usual Sweetened option, else there is Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel Toffee and an unsweetened option as well. You might be able to find them at your local store or you can order some online. Ideal with winter on the way!

If I have any other finds I’ll definitely share them with you.

DISCLOSURE: I purchase my Macro Mixes and have never received product for free. I did receive a Zero Bar press drop with free product but also have purchased my own product in the past. Society Coffee sent me a press drop with samples. 



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