The full recap of the FIFA eNations Stay and Play Cup

And eBafana Bafana's performance

Last week saw FIFA introduce the FIFA eNations Stay and Play Cup. The concept was simple: some of the world’s best professional FIFA esports stars would pair up with real life footballers and celebs to represent their country in an eNations type tournament. I’m not going to recap the whole explanation of how this tournament works, because I’ve done it before, here:

Thabo ‘YvngSavage’ Moloi will represent eBafana Bafana

So go catch up if you need to. I was extremely excited for Thabo and for the team as a whole. eBafana Bafana had the potential to really showcase South African esports to a whole new audience. As part of the Cup, the South African Football Association (SAFA) contracted me through tournament organiser Mettlestate, to host daily recaps of the team’s performance in the competition. This was such a fun new challenge for me. I needed to help script the voice over and record intros and outros each day – sticking to strict time limits. It was really fun watching the games each night, taking notes and then trying to find a way to summarise them in a way that allowed you to keep up with all the action and still feel the excitement.

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The FIFA eNations Stay and Play Cup recaps were distributed to various press outlets around the country. I wanted to keep a record though, mainly for myself, but also if you missed anything – including the finals – you’d be able to catch up all in one place. So I’ve embedded all the video recaps below so you can watch them in order. Obviously something a bit different from me “work” wise, but hopefully I can do more of this as I really enjoyed it. I’d love feedback from you as well, so if you have any tips or suggestions based on the videos below let me know in the comments. I’d love to give you more of what YOU want, so feel free to feedback.

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