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Sim Racing blows up in South Africa

Lock down has been pretty tough on most of us. Most of the news is littered with negativity and anger. So it has been such a great breath of fresh air to be able to share incredible stories from the world of esports. Being stuck at home means I’ve also been able to focus more on South Africa which I’ve really loved. One of the stories I’ve recently touched on is the rise of Sim Racing in South Africa and, more specifically, how Alleric “Ulti” Enslin has just blown un in the sim racing and real motorsport community. There’s a bit more about Sim Racing blowing up in South Africa and you can read about it here.

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I interviewed Ulti close on 2 years ago about his ambitions to be not only one of the best sim racers in the world but also to go on to race in the real world. I’d argue that when it comes to transitioning from traditional sporting events to the online world during the COVID-19 outbreak – the motorsport community has easily done it best. The real race drivers have quickly acclimatised to sim racing and joined the sim racing community rather than trying to compete with them. I have a few friends actively involved in the community and I’m always excited when I see them exploding on to the scene. Ulti has been grinding hard for the last few months and I’m so excited to see his name in lights. Here’s a piece I wrote about him for Red Bull following his win in the Solidarity e-Race (click the image to be linked to the piece):





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