Corona Part 6: Wait. What day is it again?

Two more weeks of lockdown and 3 types of people have emerged. Which one are you?

I forgot what day it was. Usually, I know that on Thursdays I need to finish (start) Bytesized to have it published on Friday. I also know that it is The Bachelor SA. The days mean nothing anymore, just like public holidays don’t feel the same. I was video chatting to my friend and she mentioned that she was surprised at how easy it was to stop caring about things that were considered important before. Things like brushing your hair. Before I answered said video call, I had a moment where I was like, I’m in my pjs and haven’t brushed my hair (I stopped wearing makeup to cover my acne on day 3). That moment passed me by. There are more important things. Things like these…

Lockdown Laughs

Last week Friday, Daryl and I tuned in to Schalk Bezuidenhout’s Lockdown Laughs live show and it was honestly a lockdown highlight. We’ve watched two of his shows and I hope he does more. The fact that he encourages the #kwarantynwyntrein is unrelated. Be sure to watch his daily lockdown updates on social media. They will make you smile.

David Spade, host of what has quickly become one of my favourite shows, Lights Out, is also still streaming live from the bunker. Unfortunately, his show has been cancelled by Comedy Central (Viacom) but I’m hoping it continues after lockdown. I’ve been surprisingly calm during all of this but when I heard the show was cancelled, everything hit me at once.

If you’ve watched Tiger King (if you haven’t go and do that right now), check out his timeline to see some of his interviews with the cast. It’s even crazier than the documentary lets on.

Choose your lockdown character

I’m surprised I haven’t seen a Buzzfeed quiz yet that’s like “Go shopping & we’ll tell you what kind of lockdown personality you have”.

There are 3 types of people during lockdown

Type 1: I wrote King Lear 2

Type 2: Me every time after I do something like brush my teeth, wash my hair or wake up.

Type 3: Those using their time to do the lord’s work.

Banana bread is so 2 thousand and late

With apologies to the Black Eyes Peas.

#LockdownLife Fail

While some of us adapt to a new way of life, it also gives rise to a new way to fail.


And if you need a new profile pic, then check out this AI artist

The AI artist named “AI Gahaku” generates a masterpiece from your photo. The term masterpiece is up for debate though. The first thing I thought was that I’m going to upload a picture of an animal, but they say no pictures of animals twice. Fair enough.

You upload your picture and then can choose different styles. I went with the one below.





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