4 of South Africa’s best female TikTok Creators

Okay, if I’m 100% honest with you, and I always am so I have to tell you this – I’m not on TikTok. Maybe I’ve missed the social media platform boat, maybe I’ll live to regret it, but I just can’t handle ANOTHER social media platform in my life right now. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get joy from watching the many TikTok videos that go viral and find their way to other platforms. They’re a constant source of entertainment and I’m always blown away by the creativity from the TikTok creators I see.

My friend Chani is one of the best female TikTok Creators in South Africa, with a great following. She creates some fun content and is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking. I haven’t done a profile of Chani in this piece because she’s written on this blog and we’ve done a stack of content together (not on TikTok), so I figure if you’re a regular visitor you’ll know that she should be the first lady you follow on TikTok. However, for a bit more variety I’ve dropped other creators below. More people I know are jumping on the social media platform that allows you to make fun short form videos, so I decided to find 4 other South African female TikTok Creators you can follow, who continue to deliver fun content you might enjoy. Here they are:


lurdeslaice tiktok

Okay, I feel like some of you hardcore TikTok fans are going to be upset. Lurdeslaice doesn’t even have more than 1000 followers… but you know what? I don’t care. I honestly think her account may be the reason I get on this app. She makes funny parody videos and documents life during Lock Down. Turns out she is also my neighbour. I’ve been giggling in my office watching her videos online (I don’t need the app to watch via my PC) and Player 2 pointed out that the gent who does the videos with her, and her housemate, actually works for a company he does work for too – tiny world! I’m not sure if the proximity is what keeps me coming back for more or if it is the silly humour on Lurdeslaice’s TikTok videos that remind me so much of old school Vine parodies…. whatever it is I rate she is definitely one of the best TikTok creators in South Africa right now and you need to check her out.

@lurdeslaiceWho will take out the trash? ##lockdowncontest ##boredathome ##4u ##foryou ##tiktoksouthafrica ##viral ##comedy ##makemefamous ##foryoupage ##fyp ##trending♬ original sound – lurdeslaice

Chelsea Keta aka Slim Girl Supreme

chelsea keta tiktok

Chelsea is a self-taught makeup artist and I WISH I had the skills she does. Her work is absolutely incredible and she is insanely talented. She started by doing normal makeup tutorials but then decided to take it to the next level by creating makeup illusions – which she learnt from other online creators. She didn’t stop at makeup illusions though as she now mixes in cosplay, drawing, painting and even sculpting into her looks. This means every video she makes is a combination of special effects and illusions – all shared on TikTok. I haven’t seen a lot of makeup illusion work coming from South African creators so I had to add Chelsea to this list. Her content is so unique and different, she’s definitely up there with the best creators and definitely someone you need to be following. Take a look at this:

@slimgirlsupremeWanted to hop on this trend and this video took me so long to make so please appreciate me 😭✌🏽 ##makeuptutorial ##foryoupage ##tiktoksa♬ original sound – cyclemichael

Chane Grobler

chane grobler tiktok

It seems almost disingenuous to make this list without including Chane Grobler. She has more than 1.5 million followers on TikTok and is arguably South Africa’s biggest TikTok success story right now. She does a host of skits and fun dance videos. I find her channel very Instagram-ish, so if you’re into that vibe this one is for you. She was also recently nominated for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award. She’s worked on funky bedroom backgrounds for her videos and puts a lot of work into the editing and style of what she does. If you’re following the Kardashians and other female lifestyle influencers on Instagram then Chane’s content will appeal to you, so give her a look:

@chanegroblerGO FOLLOW the best designer you will EVER find, right now – @__gert___ 😍🙏🏼 @k1ngbert0 💙##foryoupage ##tiktoksouthafrica ##viral ##designer ##trend♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG – kingvader

Leigh aka Tinkerbell197

tinkerbell197 tiktok

I’ve put Leigh on this list because I think her story and rise on TikTok is an important one. Leigh was born with a spinal deformity and received a lot of negativity growing up because people only saw her disability and not who she truly was. She joined TikTok about a year ago and says she tries to use the platform to show her own self. Her following continues to grow and with it so has her self confidence. She says she always felt a bit shy and reserved in real life, worried that others may judge her based on her disability. “I love to dance and act, and the platform allows me to do just that. TikTok has completely transformed the way I interact and engage with people, and has given me a new outlook on life.” She has some funny stuff on her TikTok account, here’s an example:

@tinkerbell197this is really fun to make ##tiktoksouthafrca ##foryoupage ##viral ##trand ##iloveyouguuys♬ Be Gone Thot! – LIL MAYO


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