Corona Part IV: The Lock Down Begins

People had a lot to say before the lock down. Here's some of the funniest moments

Usually, the fourth movie in a franchise is nothing to write home about. This is the 4th Corona virus Bytesized update, and unlike other movies in a franchise, this week’s edition has a twist – lockdown! And like Fast & Furious, this will be a franchise that goes way past its best buy date.

The last week has been what I can only describe as batsh*t crazy. We are in a time where there are so many unknowns. Although it feels like we are already on the 87th of March, here’s what has been happening in the last week.

Cyril announced the lockdown on Monday night. Shortly after, this happened:

Then panic buying ensued and Pick ‘n Pay released this beauty

It’s so good that even Woolies RT it.

People are VERY worried about how they are going to cope for 21 days in lock down

There are so many rules and we can only leave the house for essentials like medicine and food.

There will be no takeaways and this kid gets it

You may have to spend 21 days with your family

Parents are taking it particularly hard but there’s an easy solution

Celebs release an Imagine cover but Coconut Kels does it so much better

You can watch the original here, but the one below is amazing.

Even John Meyer had a laugh. He was invited to sing Imagine (of course he was) but he thought they had to sing an Ariana Grande song of the same name.

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A Simple Misunderstanning.

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People will take up new hobbies and bread making seems to be the in thing


And video calls mean that I actually have to brush my hair and get out of my PJs

We will soon live in a virtual reality which means that your digital calendar might fill up quickly

“Oh, at 5 pm? I can’t make it. I’m going live on Instagram”.

People are saying we are going to have a baby boom in Dec…

Netflix is trying to keep people indoors by releasing spoilers on billboards

Can you imagine if HBO did this during Game of Thrones?

And if you’re struggling to stay indoors, there is only one solution

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