Corona Part III: the one where we all practice social distancing

Life in a time of corona (see what I did there?)

A lot has changed this week. It’s crazy to think that Cyril’s announcement was only 5 days ago. Thank goodness I recently bought new pjs. If I hadn’t what would I have worn while working from home all week?

I am always going on at my mom about sharing fake news. But this week I failed. Granted it wasn’t harmful, but still. The canals in Venice are clear, you can see fish and apparently the swans had returned. While half of it is true (the canals are clear and you can see the fish), the other part is not. The pics of swans were from another place where the swans have lived their entire life.

And when it comes to corona content, be careful what you share. If you’re caught sharing misinformation or fake news about the coronavirus with the “intention to deceive” you could face a fine and/or up-to 6 months jail time.

And now this week’s edition of Bytesized.

venice canals run clear

ICYMI Corona Part 2: The sequel you never knew you had to read until now

The amount of time people spend streaming has increased by 20% worldwide

Remember there ain’t no party like a Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with your friends. Download the extension and connect your accounts. The only downfall is that it doesn’t have video or instant messaging, so it’s best to watch in conjunction with another app like Whatsapp to talk about whatever it is you’re watching.

Me: *when my head starts to hurt*

Social distancing

And while some need to adjust to this new way of being, some are pros.

This video is amazing. Arnie tells us to stay home while feeding his pony Whisky and donkey Lulu. And if that wasn’t enough, he went all Terminator 2 on us and has another video of him in chilling in jacuzzi telling spring breakers to stay home.

Eating all the food while at home

It happens a lot faster than you think.

Someone in our work Whatsapp group sent this with “@Jade this is you right now”. It was 10 am.

Social distancing has been especially tough for parents


And if you happen to be working with your partner…

People are talking about all the babies that are going to be born 9 months from now

But only one person is addressing the real concern…

What about the food?

All restaurants that serve alcohol and bars need to close by 6 pm every day except on Sundays when it is at 1 pm. They are not allowed more than 50 people at a time.

Uber EATS also has free lunchtime delivery (11 am – 2 pm) on weekdays. Check the app for the daily promo code. Food delivery services haven’t been impacted by the restaurant ban yet but will stop delivering alcohol after 6 pm. If you’d like your courier to leave your food at the doorstep, just leave a note in the comments section on the app.

I was today year’s old when I learned how caviar is made

I love Business Insider (sign up for their daily newsletter here – I still miss those Whatsapps) and came across this video. Somehow I thought that fish laid eggs and that’s how caviar was made. They kill the fish. And some caviar is so flippen expensive because it takes 20 years to lay eggs.

You’ve been Rick Rolled

Read this out loud


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